Roller Races - March 1, 2014

Racing season has started and we have our first results of the year from the roller races at Second Life Bikes last night.
Fine results from ABC members Andrew Brennan, Andrea Brennan (who took bribes to keep from winning), Noah and for the first time on my results email Richie Trecate.
Results listed below, pictures attached and a link to the gold medal ride below.
If you never seen rollers races in person you really are missing something, nothing like controlled chaos at 130+ RMPs

Roller Races Results  photo
Gold medal ride link below:

Roller Race Photo 1
Roller Race Photo 1

Roller Race Photo 3

Roller Race Photo 4

Roller Race Photo 5

One more thing...Andrew finished third without warm-up and announcing all the other riders, keeping score and other race director duties. His qualifying time was only a millionth of a second off the best times. That’s right a millionth of a second, we had the best Swiss/I-Phone/Android timing system available, it couldn’t be wrong. He did all this while cooking dinner for everyone and rebuilding his bottom bracket on 1 leg and no I’m not exaggerating. - Steve Gerard
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