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2016  2016
May 8 - Club meeting Minutes - Steve Gerard

Meeting Minutes  4/27/2016

Attended By:
Doug Mitchell                                          Bill Winterbottom
John Hunt                                               Ed Mack
Anne Salzano                                           Ira Schwartz
Bob Varca                                               Richie Trecate
Don Carlin                                               Abid Khaleel
Bill Nobes                                               Steve Gerard

Vote results on 3 main proposals listed before and below.

 Treasury balance as of 4/1/2016   $6,718.34
USAC dues                                      $150.00
ABC Website                                  $120.00
Pizza Party                                      $218.00
Post Office Box                                $62.00
Clothing, last order                       $2600.00...remaining deficit on clothing $400.00
Sweatshirts                                    $330.00

 Club will purchase insurance

 Discussion about club rides, ideas to make them safer and more fun.
Separate B ride, split will always be at the bathroom stop park (in season of course).

 Some discussion about some pulls being too long, toward the end of the ride as less people want to go toward the front, longer pulls more appropriate.

 More single file riding in traffic areas

 Riders coming off the front need to move to the back of the pack faster and not wonder over toward or over the middle of the road.

 Discussion about more people correcting bad judgements/mistakes or dangerous riding to be corrected by more people. Steve objected as already people without the correct knowledge/skills giving poor advice, possibility leading to more dangerous situations. No resolution.

 Boards request:
Members wear ABC jersey on Sunday rides, Doug has older version on sale and some new clothing left.  Possible new order coming.

Keep noise down in parking lot at school

No urinating at school

Caution about changing at school

From: Steve []
Subject: Club meeting minutes

 Ok so these are not the minutes, they�ll be coming shortly, just a quick summary of the major points.

 Item #1 - Time
A comprise was reached on the starting time, the winter start time will be extended into May and start again In September.
So 9am start time in May, 8am start in June.

 Item #2 - Location
Ride location will stay at Allenwood School with a new request.
Please refrain from urinating on the school grounds (I�m as guilty as anyone).
Couple of options; the ball field just past the school at Brice Park normally has a porta john behind the ball field, summer anyway.
Another option is the mountain bike parking lot on Hospital Hill Road has 2 bathrooms, open all year.
I suggest driving to either location before arriving at the school.
1st bathroom stop about 50 minutes away

 Item #3 � A/B Split
We will start a dedicated B ride leaving the school between 10 & 15 minutes after the A ride. Both groups will make a bathroom stop at Michael J. Tighe Park (formally Liberty Oak Park). This will give riders the opportunity to start the A but switch to the B ride if they feel the A ride is not for them that day. Personally I believe anyone who want to ride the A ride should, I encourage it, but sometime you need to be realistic about your abilities on that day.
The A ride will start a little faster than we normally start, if you get drop, just ride to the park and wait for the B ride.

 Another ride issue after last Sunday�s A ride was too many riders of different ability levels, so we may add an A- ride after the park if the need arises. Also if dropped from the ride we may not wait until the next turn or safe area. Just keep riding straight and if we know your off the back we�ll wait.

 Hope everyone is ok with the results, no way we could have pleased everyone (hell I wanted a summer 7am ride) but we expect more meetings  in the future so come and voice your opinion and vote.

Thanks Doug and everyone that took their time out to be there (even on & the day after their birthdays).

 Now let all have a fun and safe summer of riding together.

Steve G.
April 28 - Club meeting  - Doug Mitchell
Thanks Steve for the use of your meeting room.

We have obtained club/ride insurance through the League of American Bicyclists.
I will try to have the sign in and release forms with me this weekend.
Some of the rides have been a bit sloppy lately with too many riders taking chances by riding across the yellow line into the oncoming lane.
Some people on the ride are strong and fit but lack the skills of the more experienced riders these people must shown how to ride a pace line properly and be safe in a group situation. 
If you notice a rider in the group who is  erratic or unsteady then let them know for their safety and yours. No matter who they are.

Remember it is singlefile at all times unless traffic conditions allow and then no more than two abreast. 
Please let me know if you need any club clothing, if we meet the minimum order we can get you what you want.
Please remember that the weekly Wednesday and Friday rides are NOT ABC rides they are independant pick up rides.
On Sundays wear your club jersey !

Later folks.
2014   2014
Mar. 16 - Road Safety! -  Doug Last Wednesday a cyclist was killed in Howell township hit from behind by a hit and run driver.  It was reported in the local news.  He was riding on roads that we all have ridden at some time or another.   I myself was out riding on the same day in the same area.  This was a tragedy, we are all so vulnerable, there is no protection from this kind of thing happening.  Please be careful which roads you use and wear bright colored clothing when on the bike.  It is good sense to use a rear light when out on your own one that is bright enough for other road users to see from a distance.  Be safe out on the road.   Doug Mitchell.  
Feb. 27 - Preaching to the Choir -  Doug
Just a few words regarding the last Sunday ride.

  Our group were observed riding two and three abreast on the road in Freehold as we were approaching the rest stop at Tigue Park.  This caused a back up of traffic, a following car called the police and we were given a lecture by a police officer as we were leaving the park. 

 We should have been aware of the traffic behind us at that time, no one called for a single file it seems so we were in fact blocking the road. 

 We must all be aware that we are sharing the road with others many of whom have no idea how to deal with cyclists on the same road. 

Please stay as far as possible to the right of the roadway as is safe. The roadway is defined by the white line on the right it does not include the shoulder. So as close to the white line please. 

 The state of the roads after all the bad weather and snow plow and freeze damage is atrocious. 

 To avoid the potholes and debris in the road requires us to be more aware than ever and by riding single file allows us to deal with the problems a lot easier
Remember, if you are the front rider you are responsible for all those behind you and if you are the last rider you have a responsibility also to call out any traffic behind.  

Be safe out there !

  Cheers.  Doug Mitchell
Feb. 25  -  Doug It has been a long cold winter and many of us are way behind in our road riding.

Last week was a break from the cold and Sunday saw a group of 21 riders leave from Allenwood.  It was a reunion of sorts. 

The previous week was the pizza party which was a success, 25 members showed up more would have been there but for the cold weather and troubles on the road, for the first time we asked that each member at the party to contribute $10. toward the cost of the evening no one objected to that and all it cost the club was $50. gratuity.

The club will no longer be promoting the Colts Neck race but we need to stay active in the community in some way.

 The Colts Neck Lions Club are promoting  a charity bike ride on June 21st. and I have volunteered to help plan some of the route, Chuck Allison has also been planning the longer route and has come up with some terrific suggestions for a more challenging ride.  The Lions club will need a little help on the day, nothing too taxing, if you think you may like to give a hand please let me know I volunteered to be a mechanic or marshal whatever they need.

 I would like to call a general club meeting soon to discuss our plans for the coming season. 

One event we can connect with will be at the Wall Stadium Track where we can maybe contribute to one of the evening track meets by sponsoring the whole event.
Please let me know your feelings on all the above so that we can move ahead through the coming season. 

If you think I have missed someone on this list let me know please.

Stay Calm and Carry On ! 

 Cheers.   Doug Mitchell.

2013   2013
May 6 - Thank you! -  Doug Although our race entrants numbers were down on other years this years Tour of Colts Neck was a success.   The credit goes to all those who came out on Sunday and those who also helped in the planning and set up in the days weeks and months before hand.  Thanks to John Schwebel for his hard work in publicizing the event all over NJ and for maintaining the website with up to date news and results throughout the season.  The mainstay of road race safety is the number of marshals we can put on the course.  Eddie Mack did a terrific job in organizing the marshaling crew again.  Every corner was well taken care of by among others, Alex Binder,Egon Glass,Frank Terranova, Jurgen Roedel, Mark McCall, Bob and Don Carlin, Rich and Andrew Celin, Ira Schwartz, Justin Ying, Andrew Brennan,Terrie and Bryan Katz, Jim Lukowiak and a few cops from around the county who were a big help.  The Start and assembly area was taken care of with great skill and tact by John Hunt with a little help from myself and Rich Ferreri. Sandy Mack, Eddies wife was responsible for the sandwiches which she made herself and the sodas.  Great job Sandy.  Terrie Katz our treasurer had double duty , as well as marshaling and supplying us with bananas, water and granola bars she also took care of any financial duties on Sunday.  Paul Casale was a great help with pre race set up even with his crowded work schedule, it is a pity he could not be there on Sunday to enjoy the race.  Steve Gerard as always came through with help on Saturday and Sunday as well as racing and taking 6th place in the Master 55+ event despite raging hay fever. His helper Noah Swanson also took a great 3rd place in the junior event, way to go boys !  The two lead cars this year were driven by Anne Salzano and Sheila Wall, Anne in her own vehicle showing the way and Sheila in a nice new Mustang GT convertible from George Wall Ford  in Tinton Falls, Thanks to them, all a touch of class.  As always George MacCary was our lead moto official who was there to keep everyone safe on the road with help from Alex Meyer the other moto official, two of the best !  Bob Yellen has taken many great pictures of the race as always and they can be seen on the club website, thanks Bob !  This year our registration, timing and results service was given out to Bikeguy sports service run by Tom Mains who is also NJBA president.  The service was a little costly but it was so efficient,fast and convenient for us, it took so much work off of our shoulders.  The officials were as always wonderful and so understanding, we were in good hands all day long.  This is my last year as race director, we will be looking around for a new organizer for next year.  The ABC may not be involved at all from now on. However the Town of Colts Neck loves the race and want to see it continue.  We have had a great relationship with Colts Neck Recreation Committee all these 17 years.  The Thompson Park people are also supporters of the race and want to see it thrive.  If anyone has any ideas for the future of the race please let me know and I will pass them along to Mr Hennessy of the Rec. Committee.  Every thing that helped make the race a success was down to team work, no one is more important than anyone else in this situation.  The racers thank you the town thanks you and I thank you most of all.  Cheers.   Doug Mitchell.  
April 20- Benefit Ride -Steve
Anyone interested in a Benefit ride for Parkinson�s Disease.
Sunday June 9, out od Edison.
I have registration forms if anyone needs/wants one
Steve Gerard
April 22- Sunday Ride time change - Doug    Hi All,
    The Sunday ride will start at 8AM as of the first week in May ! Please be aware that the first Sunday is the day of the Colts Neck race and most members will be at the race.   As always we are looking to our members for help with the race. Corner Marshals are one of our most important needs.  If you can spare a day to help us out we will be most grateful.  If you can help let Eddie Mack or myself know and we will find a place for you on the day.

Our small but elite racing team are riding very well this year, Steve Gerard, Steve Schwartz and Noah Swanson are all flying !

We have 2 new members Justin Ying and Dan Casais who wish to get into racing at some point. They are both novice riders but are doing very well on the Sunday rides.  Great to have them both on the team.
                  Cheers and be safe on the road.   Doug.
April 20- Racing Results -Steve
Today�s ABC results from the Long Beach Island TT
Noah Swanson continued his fine riding today, finishing second in the 13 mile time trial, while Steve Schwartz show what he is capable of when he get a little rest the night before finishing a high seventh against a strong field.
Fine riding for both guys on a windy day, glad I wasn�t there.
April 20- Training/Recovery Article -Steve

I once overheard the great Joe Saling answer this question about how he trained; his answer was �I rest hard�!

The following article I came across explains it well.

Time off from cycling can be a good thing. One critical training principle is that of overload and recovery. For a system to grow stronger, it must be stressed and then allowed time to rebuild. This is the reason for recovery periods between hard efforts during interval workouts. From there, the principle expands to include rest days during hard training weeks, a recovery week within a month of training and, finally, a several-week-long hiatus after a season.

But what about recovery on a grander scale? The concept of a grand recovery period has implications for all athletes. Amateur racers and recreational cyclists frequently participate in events for several years and then turn to other pursuits and interests. Maybe you were a Cat 3 or an avid century rider five years ago, but your bike has been collecting dust or you've resigned yourself to just a weekend spin to stay moderately fit. It's not too late for a comeback.

Regardless of where you are in the process, there's one aspect of training that trips up cyclists more than any other: recovery rides. The concept is ridiculously simple: Take a very easy spin on your bike. To be honest, there's little scientific evidence that recovery rides are any more beneficial�physiologically�than sitting on your couch. The same can be said for massage, but athletes and coaches swear by both as ways to enhance between-workout recovery. Both help athletes feel fresher and looser for their next hard training session. And there's a clear psychological benefit to that.

Though it sounds simple, many athletes ruin their training by going too hard. To be effective, your easy ride must do no harm. Only by spinning at a very low intensity will you reap the psychological benefits.

Ease Off the Gas Pedal
So how do you properly execute a recovery ride? Start out easy. Once you're at a nice, relaxed pace, take your speed down another notch. You can't go too easy, but it's easy to go too hard. Think of it as taking the bike for a walk: You shouldn't be working any harder than you would during a stroll to the coffee shop. Your power output should be 30 to 50 percent of your maximum sustainable power output, and your heart rate should not go above 70 percent of your maximum sustainable heart rate. Keep your cadence at about 90 rpm�at low speeds and in low gears, this will seem brisk�and ride for 30 to 60 minutes. A power-meter graph from a recovery ride should show a low and relatively consistent power output, a relatively high cadence and little else.

Reprinted from Bicycling magazine online, article by Chris Carmichael
April 14- Racing Results -Steve
ABC newest racing member �boy wonder� Noan Swanson start his third ever race Saturday and his first ever time trial at the Readington TT, armed with a borrowed bike and very little practice he won by over a minute. He was the fastest junior, even over the older juniors.
Noah is not one to sit on his laurels, he raced in the Rahway Criterium today, bridged to the two man breakaway. After some cat and mouse and the field caught them, but he still managed to finished 3rd. Quite a good weekend, congratulation are in order to Noah �Boy wonder�.
In other racing news fast Steve Schwartz finished a fine 6th in his division at the Time Trial, nice going Steve.
April 8, April 15- Club Race Meeting -Doug
Club Race Meeting is set for 7:00 p.m., Tuesday April 16 at the Colts Neck Recreation Center.

Hi All,
     Just a reminder.  We have a pre Colts Neck race meeting Tuesday at 7pm at Colts Neck rec building Heyers Mill Rd. Colts Neck.
     Topic will be race day help and marshals.  We should have a representative from Colts Neck Rec, and Fire Police.
    We have been offered help from the local Boy Scouts who could be a plus on race day.
    The race registration job has been handed to a race service who will be taking care of race day registration, results filing and finish line camera.  So we will not be needed in any of those jobs.
   If you can help out as a race marshal or with other duties please let me , Eddi Mack or John Hunt know so that we can assign you a position.
See you soon.  Doug Mitchell.

April 6 - Race Results- Doug   Just a quick note ................Congratulations to Noah Swanson our 15 year old junior.  At the Saturday Cherry Blossom Cat. 4-5 race in Newark Noah placed 18th out of a field of 61 racers.  Noah was the only teenager in the race and was ahead of many more experienced riders.  Well done lad !!  Steve Gerard placed 9th in the 55+ race at the same event, well done Steve !!  Things are looking good for our racers this spring.  Be safe.   Doug.
April 4 - Club Race Meeting etc.- Doug

   Hi Everyone,

      The Colts Neck race is just around the corner.  We have most of the race day details in place.  I want to call a general race meeting for the week after next, on either the 15th-16th or 17th of April.  if you want to attend but cannot make one of these dates let me know and I will set up the day that is convenient.  The police representative Frank Rizzuto will be there and give us his input, Frank was a huge help last year in coordinating the fire police and other township agencies.  One of the most important topics to discuss will be, as always, the race marshal situation.  We hope that we can count on our loyal members to turn out on race day as they always do.  If you plan on working as a marshal on race day but will not attend the meeting please inform me or Eddie Mack know.  It is thanks to all you wonderful people that we are able to put together such a good event.  Next year will see some big changes on the race.  More at the meeting.  Thanks.   Doug Mitchell.

March 31 - Membership et. al.  - Steve
Hello All, Happy Easter,
As you may have heard I have taken over membership duties from Anne Salzano. We all owe a great big thanks to Anne for her years of hard work on all things club related. Anne has certainly help made us a better club. So thank you Anne, now get on your bike and ride a time trial.
Now that spring is here, the days are getting longer, warmer and the annual Colts Neck race is right around the corner, it�s time to send in your club membership (if you haven�t done so yet). It�s still the best value around, with one of the most consistent weekly club ride in the state. We�re talking about starting up a �C� again for those of you that haven�t ridden in a while. Let us know if your interest in a �C� ride.
Take care and see you on the road.
Steve Gerard
March 21 - Club Meeting  - Doug Hi All,
  I have secured the Colts Neck Rec.meeting room for a club meeting next Tuesday  26th  March at 7pm.  This is a general meet with the Colts neck race top of the agenda.  Also any other matters you may want to discuss.  Hope to see you there.  Cheers.  Doug Mitchell.
March 15 - Membership etc.  - Doug Hi Everyone,
     It's that time of the year again, I mean time to re up your ABC membership.  This reminder is a little late this year as I was supposed to find a new membership person to take care of this but did not get there.  If any one would like to volunteer for the position just let me know it is an easy job, just have to keep the list current ! The warm weather is fast approaching, not fast enough you may say but keep the faith we will soon be sweating with the oldies !  Even in this cold spell we have seen good numbers out on a Sunday ride.  The average age of ABC membership is closer to the age of retirement than it is to the age of college graduation.  We could use some new young riders in the club.   Our latest recruit is 15 year old Noah Swanson from Wall who only started riding last year.  Noah is being mentored by Steve Gerard and is a quick learner, he rode 72 miles last Sunday and finished with the A bunch, a great result for such a novice. We have so much experience between us we should be passing that experience on to the younger generation such as Noah.  The Colts Neck race is on again for May 5th and as always we will be looking for marshals and race day help.   The registration, finish line camera and results service this year will be taken care of by Tom Mains and his partners who are officers in the NJBA and have a great deal of race experience.   We will not need any ABC people to help with any registration duties, another load off of the club.  A general club meeting will be held later in the month, probably in Colts Neck.  The last week in March is a holiday week for most so let me know the days you may not be able to attend. Thanks for reading.   Cheers.  Doug.
January 16 - Colts Neck 2013 etc.  - Doug Hi Everyone,
    Happy New Year !  I have been a bit out of touch recently and need to catch up with the club.  It was so good to see such a large group out last Sunday 18 or 20 riders I think.  Steve Gerard has been doing a splendid job of keeping the rides together and will be doing so from now on, thanks Steve !!!  The Colts Neck Recreation Department and the Monmouth County Park System are eager to have the Tour of Colts Neck take place again this year. The race can only happen if the membership of ABC pulls together as they always have. I need to know soon weather the club is behind the race and can be counted on to help run the event as always.   Some of you have been seriously affected by the storm and have other things on your mind these days so cannot expect you to take on any more work.  Please let me know your thoughts and ideas on the race.  We are approaching pizza party time, I am aware that the old venue is a bit cramped and some people have suggested another place so let us know your alternative we are all happy to see some changes.  Several of our club members are facing challenging health problems of one kind or another these days, spare a thought for them and a prayer too.   Do not forget to tune in to the Oprah and Lance show on Thursday evening should be interesting, they will likely swap cup cake recipes and discuss weight loss, what else do they have in common ? Sorry I digress. Any way hope to see you all soon.   Cheers.  Doug.
2012   2012
Nov. 10 - Storm Damage & Help - Doug    I hope all of you are safe.  Many of us suffered loss or damage to some degree.  Sheila Wall suggested that we pass a message around to see if any one of this group needs help.  I know of a few people in the club who have major damage to their homes.  Please pass the word around,we have a lot of different talent in this little club of ours so do not be shy to reach out.  Thanks Sheila.  Good luck everyone.   Doug Mitchell.
Oct. 9 - Sunday 10/14 Pine Barrens Ride - Anne
ABC Pine Barrens Ride. 50 plus miles, not a hammer fest.  Sunday  October 14 , starting at 9:00 AM from the Foodtown shopping center, Whiting, NJ (Rt 530 and Cherry St).  50 + miles with a stop in Tabernacle at Nixon's Store. (Coffee, muffins, etc.)
Map of Whiting, New Jersey by MapQuest   Zoom in on map and click and drag to navigate..

Take Rt 70 west past Lakehurst about 4 miles to traffic light and turn left on to Manchester Blvd. Go to second light and turn right on Rt 530 (Lacey Rd) and make an immediate left into shopping center parking lot. Park near the back of the lot.
Egon 848-333-3170
Oct. 5 - Track Riding - Anne I had a great time Andrew.....very nice of you, Sam, and everyone, to allow us the track time......loved the tandem ride .  The turnout of racers made it all the more enjoyable for us.  You put a lot of time and effort into this event and made it fun for all.  Thank you!!!
Oct. 5 - Track Riding - Andrew I would like to thank everyone who came out to watch the races last night! Your support of the Garden State Velodrome means alot to me, Sam, and the other racers.  We had several new racers from out of town.  The competition was good, the weather held out,  and I think they all had a good time.  I hope you did too.
Oct. 1 - ABC Update and Some News - Doug  Again well said Steve.   When we find that we are riding a pace line in to a side wind then the front rider needs to be aware that those behind are trying to shelter behind the wheel in front.  If the wind is coming from the left then the leader should be out a little further from the edge to give following riders room to shelter on the wheel to his/her right.  Get it ?  As Steve says, use common sense we cannot hog the whole road.  This all comes back to the rule that we are all responsible for those other riders behind.  Last Sunday was a good example of responsible riding it seems a lot of people have taken note of the latest e mails.  Cheers.  Doug
Sep. 29 - More on Safe Riding - Steve Gerard

Great points, but let�s not confuse practice �riding the white line� with doing so in the pack (do it alone). A observation I�ve seen is where the lead riders position themselves in relationship to the edge of the road. Something all lead rider should be aware of, hugging the edge of the road might be a fine location for the 1 or 2 in the front, but not be for everyone behind (especially with the wind coming from mostly left side).  That doesn�t mean ride out in the middle of the road either, just some common sense in the front about what�s going on behind. A couple of feet either way can make a big difference to the riders in the back half of the pack. It�s like driving a car with a trailer, anyone that�s ever done it for any length of time will know what I mean.

 Of course this is just my opinion and not fact, maybe one of the older��I mean more experienced rides can clarify this better.


Sep. 27 - More on Safe Riding - Rick Zimmerman
I agree... Riding the white line (the one on the right) is a skill worth mastering.  If you need any help... follow Don or Bob Carlin. 

 But straight line or not, it's incumbent upon whomever is up front to look far enough down the road to guide the rest of the pack around problems gradually,  rather than pointing and veering suddenly.  
Sep. 27 - More on Safe Riding - Don Carlin
Really good points, Steve.  One in particular I would like to point out is basic pace line riding, which means you ride directly behind the rider in front of you, not to the left. This only works when following an experienced rider who can ride a straight line on or near the white line ( that's the one on the  right). Back in the day, we were told to practice riding on the line (dry weather only).  If you couldn't,  you were not pedaling correctly.  Try it!
Sep. 27 - More on Safe Riding - Mike Rubino
Good post Steve , I think I have learned alot from you folks. One thing I do when riding with ABC is follow the Carlins when I can . I figure that theres bold riders and old riders , but not many bold old riders.So when in doubt I look to Bob and Don.  I think the bigger crowds this year have lead to some confusion on the rides. Theres also seems to be abit more race mentality where we dont need it. More than once I have heard Steve say, lets slow it dwon abit so all can stay together . I dont see the harm in this .If Stve can do it , then we all can.
Sep. 26 - Safe Riding & my 2 cents- Steve Gerard
Great email Doug, but I would like to add my 2 cents if you don�t mind in reference to safe riding.
When I started riding with ABC in 1982, I was very fortunate to have some senior members help me to learn the basics. Seems like not a lot of that going on these day, partly because many new riders aren�t interested in learning, some are very strong so figure they know all there is to know and won't or don't listen to someone who may be less strong but may have much knowledge to share (strong and or riding a long time doesn�t automatically mean you know what your doing). I believe much of what is needed to learn can be obtained by just watching, thinking and using common sense. But if you don't know just ask someone who�s been around, don't just make it up. Trust me we have a lot of very old .......... I mean very experienced knowledgeable riders in the club that have been doing this for a long time, if you ask, I�m sure they will help. Hell we have Doug and Bob Carlin, they must have 1/2 million miles between them from group rides, races and training, they done it all and seen it all. There are others, don�t let them retire without extracting that knowledge.
Hand signals: I was taught a few basic hand signals, now I see hand gestures that I have no idea what they mean. It really very simple, if you see something in the road point right at it (don't wave your hand or do something else you've made up). If it's bad also yell it out, while pointing directly at it. There are others I won't go into now.
Being aware: As Doug mentioned it�s important knowing what�s around you and I know we�re a very social club (which is great). Many people need to look at the rider next to them when talking, don�t, it�s most important to watch in front of you, look passed the rider directly in front of you, not the wheel right in front. Everyone behind you is depending on and trusting you. Every mistake up front get amplified the farther back it goes. That�s why good racers like to ride closer to the front in a race, most accidents happen middle back.
Passing cars: A pet peeve of mine, when pulling up to a red light with cars waiting to cross. Stop behind the cars, don't ride pass them only to have them pass you back in the next 100 feet. Makes no sense, is more dangerous and it pisses the drivers off.
We all makes mistakes now and then, just don�t get offended if critiqued. Un-checked mistakes and being nonchalant is very contagious and dangerous. Personally I thing the ABC ride is one of the best rides everything considered, I�ve ridden many other, but prefer ABC even with faults. I have yet to ride with other groups or races without someone doing something stupid at times.
Thanks for listening
Steve Gerard
PS: I think it�s a great idea to make the donation and the gift. I would be happy to chip in. Feel better Ed.
Sep. 24 - ABC Update and Some News - Doug Hello all,
      A few words on recent goings on.   First a reminder that the Sunday ride start time will go to 9AM on the first Sunday in October which is the 7th.

 The annual Pine Barrens ride will take place on October 14th starting at 9AM from the Foodtown parking lot in Whiting which is off Rt 70 in Ocean county.   Egon Glass will let us know the exact location .

   Last Friday on the Reservoir ride there was a nasty accident in which Ed Lyons suffered some injuries.  The incident occurred on Rt 571 near Roosevelt.  A piece of wood caught in his front fork and sent him over the bars and he landed very hard. Chuck Allison also fell but was only bruised.  Ed was in hospital with injuries to his collar bone, vertebrae,sternum and a concussion.    He was fortunate that a Good Samaritan stopped to help, a young lady driving past saw Ed lying in the road and without hesitation stopped to offer assistance.  Her name is Kelly Mitchell ( No relation ) she lives in Roosevelt.  Kelly was a great help to Ed and would not leave until he was on his way to hospital in the ambulance.  She kept Ed's bike at her house until Don Carlin came to bring it back for him. We think it is a good idea to  thank Kelly in some way, the club will send her a token of our appreciation for her kindness.  We also would like to send a donation to the Roosevelt First Aid Squad in Ms Mitchell's name.  If you have any comment o make on this subject please let me know

The accident on Friday brings up the issue of identification carried by a rider when out on the road.   The consensus is that we should wear some form of I D such as a bracelet or dog tag type of identification.  This is something we should all consider very seriously.  It seems the scrap of paper with your home phone number is not good enough any more.

The racing scene in NJ has been enhanced by the participation of our crack racing team members as always.  Leading the way has been Steve Gerard who placed 7th overall in the Garden state cup for 55+ racers, all this on his limited race program.  He of course won the 55+ Race at Colts Neck but placed well in the other races he rode in.  Steve raced at the Velodrome in PA where he did very well and is currently enjoying a good year at the Wall Stadium velodrome. Rich Bradley has done really well in the master 65+ events he rode to bring home medals in the NJ state Road Race and the ITT.   He also raced in the NJ senior Olympic events.

Congratulations also to Andrea Brennan who is the winner of the Garden State Cup for senior women, she does not race for ABC however we consider her one of our own !

Sheila Wall rode her first century ride this year when she and several other ABC people finished the Princeton Century on August 4th.  Sheila is in her first year of serious riding and we must consider her for Rookie of The Year !!

George MacCary rode his motor cycle all around the USA this summer and the last we heard was he was living in a grass hut on beach in Mexico.

We are going to order new clothing for the next year, let me know what you will need so we can include any special items in the order.  Also any ideas on design change let us know we already have some good suggestions.

On the subject of safe riding I feel I must say something on the matter.  Generally our rides are safe and trouble free.  With so many new riders this year it can be  problem keeping things together.  last Sunday was a prime example of how things can get out of hand.  It was obvious then that riding in to a head wind was a problem for a number of folks.
 Keep a steady pace into a head wind, do not fight the wind you will always lose !
 Stay as far to the right at ALL times !
 Do NOT make sudden moves in the group it only takes a touch of wheels to cause an accident.
 Practice looking over your shoulder to see what is behind you, a very basic move but one that a lot of people forget !
Do NOT focus on the wheel directly in front but keep your head up a look ahead and anticipate what the other riders ahead may do next, be aware at ALL times.

Also when starting off after a red light or stop sign that many people just took off without checking to see that we all made it through safely.  Any time we move off after a stop we must all be aware of the whole group getting back together, do not rely on someone else to check for you.  We are all responsible for each others safety on the road.  If you find you are the lead riders it is your responsibility to call out any hazards coming up such as pot holes, fallen branches, water puddles or dead squirrels !

 The use of Tri bikes is more common these days but they are not suited to group rides, please use a road bike !

   One last note ; when we leave the store in Clarksburg on Sundays we are often spread out instead f moving off in one group please be ready to leave when the word is given.

      Keep safe, be safe.   Cheers.   Doug Mitchell.
Sep. 24 - Track Riding - Andrew/Anne Hey Everybody,   Check out Andrew's e-mail below and mark your calendar for Thursday October 4th.
This is a generous invitation and a great opportunity to try some track riding.  Or if you prefer not to ride, just come out and cheer for your teammates .   Should be a fun night. 
First race off at 6 p.m.  Additional information can be found at the bikereg link below.
Check with Andrew if you have any questions.   Thanks, Anne

Anne & Doug-
     Thursday,  October 4 will be one of the last race nights at Garden State Velodrome.  We're hoping to go out on a high note and bring out some more people (both racers and spectators).  The night's schedule is listed on BikeReg (see link below).  Steve and I have even pooled a little money to provide a prize list in a few of the categories.

I know a few club members have expressed interest in giving the track a try, but don't have a track bike, and are a little apprehensive.  Keeping this in mind, I added a Masters 55+ field for road bikes.  Events in this field include an Unknown Distance, a 9 Lap Win and Out, and a 10 Lap Scratch.  I also dropped the price for this field by $5.  With racing concluding under the lights, I'm hoping it will be a fun night to give this a try while watching some exciting races in other fields.


Some additional information:
Admission is FREE for spectators.
There is grandstand seating available but most people prefer to come down to the infield. 
Bring a chair if you want to sit in the infield.
Food and drink:  The concession stands will not be open.  Feel free to bring your own food and drink. 
Parking is in the "PITS" parking lot.
If people want to coordinate a tailgate party, I will allow one vehicle down to the infield to transport peoples chairs, food, beer, table.....

Sep 10 - Grand Fondo - Steve Gerard

If anyone is interested about the grand fondo Dan, Alex and I rode yesterday here are the details.


The event was extremely well organized, plenty of free parking and very well marshaled. Image having free parking for 2000+ cars (about 1800 riders, workers, venders) all within � mile of the start and festivities.

For the ride itself, they offered 4 different routes of different lengths (18, 43, 63 or 107 miles). We picked the 107 ride and they gave us route sheets we never needed to look, the whole 107 miles were very well marked with signs, arrows painted on the street and police or marshals at a few of the confusing corners. 5 rest stops with cheerleader, plenty of cookies, powerbar stuff, water, fruit and mechanics. Did I mention we rode the 107 mile route?


The route we choose was much hillier then I was expecting. I knew it was going to be steep in sections (which it was) but a couple of long climbs of 2+ miles. To give you an idea of how steep, I was barely able to keep it in my big ring��. I soon realized racing 20 mile long flat master races was not the right way to train.


We finished around 3:00, rode our bikes into the parking garage and quickly realized we didn�t know where we had parked. So we rode another 20 miles or so riding around this parking garage looking for my car. Then they feed us, but we decided not to waiting around for another hour or so for post ride award ceremonies even though we weren�t tired at all. We both need to go practice our sprints for the track.


I recommend this for anyone looking to do something different, it�s a little expensive, but the earlier you sign up, the cheaper the cost. Also if you sign up as a team (2 or more) you get a 20% discount.


Thanks for reading

Steve  Gerard


Dan Kiningham:

Actually I think it took me 3 hours to get up the 2nd timed climb. Luckily my descending skills allowed me to gain back most of that time since we were at warp factor 5 or 6.
It was by far and away the best organized event I have been to. Steve was great company, the weather was perfect and the course was challenging, but scenic. Not a bad day.
Aug 26 - Membership/Racing News - Anne Welcome a few new members:  Rick Zimmerman, Kevin Gerrity, and Giuseppe Lamarca.  Rick and Kevin are very new to the club I believe, Giuseppe is not a new face in the crowd.  Welcome to the Atlantic Bicycle Club.  Our membership list is attached.

Our usual racing group has been doing well.  Rich Bradley won the bronze at the Masters Road Race in July.  Rich also won a medal at the Florida championship race this year.  Rich will have to give you the details for that one.

Andrea Brennan won a gold medal at the Masters Road Race.  Also won a gold medal at the Senior Road Race the following week.  In her spare time Andrea has been racing at T-Town where she manages to bring home the gold or silver medal after a weekend of track racing.  This girl is working hard.       

The Tour de Fair Haven was a few weeks ago.  Steve Gerard rode a strong race as did Andrea in their category.  Darin Bedle stole the show finishing 5th in a field of 77 riders in the 35+ race.  Not only that but shortly after that he entered the pro 1-2 race, a field of 90 riders,  and stayed with the field to the end.  Good day of all looked great.

Last week was the Masters Criterium Race.  Rich Bradley and Steve Gerard were the Team ABC racers....tough course, good racing from both as always.  Today was the NJ Senior Criterium Race.  Andrea signed up but I don't see any results posted yet.  Darin raced also.....finished in the top half of a field of mostly Cat 1 racers.     

Congratulations and hats off to you all.           
May 9 - Colts Neck Women's 1/2/3 breakaway sprint 2012 - Anne
Cheers to our Andrea for an amazing finish at Colts Neck.  A short video below taken by a teammate as Andrea sprinted to the finish to take second place against National Champ Kim Geist.  The two riders formed an early break from the pack and as Andrea put it "I had so much fun racing the course in a breakaway with the motor and lead car beeping and hearing all the ABCers cheer me does not get much better than that."
Andrea said she did not get to thank everyone personally but wants to say "thanks" to all.
Congratulations Andrea.....neck and neck with a National Champ....WOW!!!   A very exciting day for you to say the least.  And a very proud day for ABC having you as part of our club.  Thank you!!
May 8- ABC Winner - Anne
Check out the attached picture of Steve Gerard crossing the finish line and winning the 55+ race at Colts Neck this Sunday.  Way to go Stevie....we are all so happy and VERY proud of you.   Great job....a well deserved win. Congratulations!!!
April 29- Time Change & Race Info - Anne
Hey Everybody,
Just a reminder that the Sunday ride moves to an 8 a.m. start beginning in May. 
There will not be a ride next Sunday May 6th since that is the Tour of Colts Neck.  This is the one day a year when all members are encouraged to roll up your sleeves and support your club.  You are all needed whether it be for marshalling, registration, back up support for marshals, or just being there for different jobs. 
The event will be run the same as last year with start/finish on Long Bridge and registration set up at the park entrance on Long Bridge.  Parking will be directed into the Park grounds. Since some races will be starting as the previous race is on their last lap the importance of coordination with the marshals cannot be stressed enough.
Doug is providing a packet for the marshals with a course map, names, locations, and phone numbers of marshals .  I must have cell numbers for all those that are marshalling........ need them ASAP to get this in place.
Eddie Mack,732-609-6800, is the marshal coordinator this year.  Doug Mitchell and Eddie Mack will provide all necessary instructions for timing and calls to be made ahead. 
We will have the usual road crew....George MacCary and Alex Meyer as moto refs, Bob Varca and Paul Casale in cars.  John Hunt and Doug Mitchell will be directing traffic in and out of the park.  Others are needed there.
Please please give me your cell numbers as soon as you can. 
Thanks, Anne
March 2- Group Photo March 11 - Anne

Hey Everybody,

 We would like to get our ABC members together for a group picture on Sunday March 11th at 9 a.m. just before the start of the ride.  As far back as some of us can remember we have never had a group photo.... it would be a nice thing to have and to look back on a few years from now.  Bob Yellen has offered to do the picture taking for us.  Rain date is March 18th.

 Some of us remember riding with Marshall and Susan Whitfield, excellent riders and racers with us in the very early days of ABC.  They have stayed in touch since their move to Colorado and always ask about the club and what's going on in the riding scene.  A handful of us even visit them from time to time.  Marshall is in poor health these days I'm sorry to say and we thought a picture of the old (and new) group might put a smile on his face. 

 Let's all make a special effort to be there in our club jerseys and a cheerful smile.  If possible it would be great if those from "ABC past" could dig out their old jerseys for the occasion.  I might have one or two oldies that could be borrowed.  All you early days ABC know Marshall will get a kick out of seeing all of us so try to make it.   

 Steve Gerard is taking a trip to Colorado in early of his stops will be a visit to the Whitfields and of course give them the photo.

Others will be invited; Tom & Bud Ayers, Peter O'Mara, Donnie Clapp.  Can we think of anyone else from the past that might be available for the picture????  Let me know.

Thanks, Anne
February 20 - Doug Thanks to everyone who attended the Monday pizza and ale jollification.  It was great to see old and new friends and catch up on each others lives and plan another good year of riding.    We can look forward to a busy spring time with the Colts Neck race ahead of us.  Special thanks to Joyce Allison for bringing cup cakes for dessert, if you left early and missed them, too bad.  See you all soon.  Cheers.  Doug Mitchell.
January 26 - Club meeting   Thanks to all who attended our January 25th club meeting.   As you all probably know by now we the ABC are the sole promoters of the Colts Neck race.  We thank Tom Ayers for all the hard work he did for the race last year and for his contribution to the future of the event.  There will be  a few changes to the race program this year.  There will not be a tandem race or races for the sub junior 10 to 14 year old classes.   Safety of competitors and the public is as important this year as always.   We will need help more than ever in marshaling the races this year, we will again have the Colts Neck Fire Police in conjunction to our own people.

We have a date for the Annual Pizza Party it is Monday February 20 (NEW DATE) 6pm at The Brothers in Red Bank.

If you have need of club clothing such as bibs, jerseys, wind breaker, socks or long sleeve jersey please let us know asap.  We would like to place an order before the spring rush.  All suggestions will be given sincere consideration.  A new design too !

The Jersey Shore Touring Society have contacted us and suggested a joint ride with ABC.  We think this will be good thing for cycling in our area.  There will not be a large group ride to start if ever as that would be too difficult to handle.  Instead there will be trial joint ride from Dorbrook Park a few weeks before the Colts Neck race, Bryan Katz will arrange the details and let the rest of us know in good time.

Also a spring Pine Barrens ride is planned likely in mid May.  The last two PB rides were a big hit, new roads and new coffee stops !

People always ask what we are doing to attract new blood into the club.  My stock answer is that it is very difficult to attract young people in to cycling because of start up costs and the safety factor, Mom and Dad are loath to see their kids out on the roads with the traffic, they would rather see them at a Little League field where they can be easily supervised.  Cycling has become the sport of the older generation I think.  We are always open to new members, of any age.  I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject, let me know.

Thanks for listening, keep in touch.   Cheers.   Mitchell.
January 3 - Club meeting January 25th.    Hi All,   I have arranged to have a club meeting at the Colts Neck Recreation meeting room.   Date is Jan. 25th (NEW DATE) at 7 PM.  All club members are invited, bring along your ideas and comments.  Topics to be discussed include the Colts Neck race, a combined ride with JSTS,  a clothing order, our budget and any other items you wish to bring up.

      Last Sunday saw 19 riders out on the first ride of the new year, all but 2 were club members.  We rode 60 miles in nice weather at a steady pace and everyone enjoyed the day.   What a great way to start the new season.      Cheers.   Doug Mitchell.
2011   2011
December 30 - 2011 NEWS AND INFORMATION
It has been a while since the last newsletter.....a LONG while!
    As the year comes to a close I would like to say thanks to all of you who have supported the club through the year.
    Our best wishes go out to Mike Rush, Chuck Allison, and Andrew Brennan for a speedy recovery from their recent medical problems.  And of course we wish a positive recovery to Bob Carlin on his last shoulder procedure.
    At present the club has in excess of 50 members.  This number goes up and down each year and always has.  We are in good financial shape thanks to membership fees and the income that we receive from our race promotion.  Our club treasurer Terrie Katz keeps a keen eye on our check book, thanks Terrie!  Anne keeps the membership list up to date at all times...if you need an address or e-mail added let her know.
    The backbone of the ABC is as always our Sunday ride.  This year has seen excellent attendance on Sundays with up to 30 riders on some days.  I would like to thank those who have led the rides in my absence, or even when I am there, such as Steve Gerard, Dan Kiningham, Alex Binder, and Bob Varca, all who do a great job in keeping the ride in order.
    The Pine Barrens ride was very well attended this fall and the new route was a winner.  We also held another ride in the pines, a mid week event led by Pat Canale.  Pat took us on a new and interesting ride out to Mount Holly area and a great bakery/cafe stop, we will go back I know!!
    On the professional scene some epic rides have taken place this year....I think we all know who they are.  I would like to point out a few epic rides done by ABC members.  Steve Schwartz broke the one hour barrier for a 40k time trial, kudos Steve great job.  Terrie Katz is riding around on two new knees, I call that epic. Kudos to Rich Bradley, Jerry Grace, and Carl Demola for their fine finish in State races this year.  Steve Gerard has been burning up the track.  He rode Scratch Nationals at T-Town finishing a very handsome ninth place.  Great performance Steve despite your injury.  One other top ride that needs mentioning is that done by Alex Binder at the Masters Road Race in South Jersey.  Seems that Alex took along two left cycling shoes on the day of the race, he was not about to go home so instead had some one tape his right sneaker clad foot to the pedal and rode and finished the 65 mile race.....that's epic!!
    Not all the tough rides are at the races, spare a thought for those members who come out week after week and ride themselves to the limit of their ability, often just hanging on all day and happy to get back with the group or just finishing the ride at all.  We all deserve a pat on the back!
    In 2012 the ABC will be the sole promoter of the Colts Neck Race.  This year Tom Ayers was a large part of the race organization and did a terrific job bringing his own touch to the race with new ideas as well.  Thanks Tom and all the 3D members who were there.  A very special thanks to OUR members who supported Tom.  As always ABC folks came through with hard work and a special sense of pride.  The 2012 race is on the calendar for May 6th.  I know we can all count on each other for another successful event.
    Terrie Katz has offered to seek a new venue for the pizza party since some folks have requested a change.  If anyone has suggestions where we should go let us know.  Make it party time is just around the corner.
    I will organize a general club meeting in January probably at the same location and will let you know when as soon as I hear back from Colts Neck.
    Thanks for reading this and thanks again for all your support.  We need your feedback on all club issues so feel free to give us your thoughts and opinions.
A Happy Healthy New Year to you all!!!    Cheers, Doug Mitchell
Dec. 26 and Jan. 2 Rides - Doug
Hi Folks,
As Sunday is Christmas day and the following Sunday is New Years Day I propose a 9am ride on Monday Dec. 26 and Monday Jan. 2nd. from Allenwood. This week is confused as far as road riding is concerned so we will take what we can,. Happy hols everyone ! Cheers. Doug.
December 10 - COLTS NECK 2012 Race Planning - Doug
Thanks to all of you who attended the recent meeting.  It was decided to keep the race with ABC.  Doug Mitchell and Eddie Mack along with the core group of ABC people will be working together to run the race as we have in the past.  We thank Tom Ayers for his invaluable help with the 2011 race.  Tom was the main man this year and introduced some exciting new features. We will take some of his ideas and hope to incorporate them for next year.  I have spoken with Tom and he understands how ABC feels about our race and said he is most grateful for all the help and support we gave him at this year's event. 
Any comments and suggestions are always welcome.  Feel free to let us know your thoughts regarding our decision.  Cheers, Doug
October 16 - Pine Barrens Ride
Now that Juergen has gone home it is time for the ABC Pine Barrens ride.   This Sunday 9 am from the Whiting shopping center.  Pat Canale will lead the ride and arrange for fresh donuts and coffee at the rest stop in Tabernacle, wherever that is ! - Doug
ABC Pine Barrens Ride, Sunday  October 16 , starting at 9:00 AM from the Foodtown shopping center, Whiting, NJ (Rt 530 and Cherry St).  50 + miles with a stop in Tabernacle at Nixon's Store. (Coffee, muffins, etc.).
  Map of Whiting, New Jersey by MapQuest   Zoom in on map and click and drag to navigate.
Take Rt 70 west past Lakehurst about 4 miles to traffic light and turn left on to Manchester Blvd. Go to second light and turn right on Rt 530 (Lacey Rd) and make an immediate left into shopping center parking lot. Park near the back of the lot. 
- Anne
May 2 - Thanks - Doug
To all of our loyal ABC people who showed up to help at the race yesterday.  THANK YOU!!!  Once again you were terrific, I cannot thank you all enough.  This year we had some very positive changes including a new start/finish area, change in registration location, and of course a change in race promoter.  First we have Tom Ayers to thank as the new guy doing the heavy lifting, he needs a big hand for a job well done.
I know some people had some misgivings with all the changes but their fears were unfounded as the race day went well with few problems.  It is always good to see the old faces show up year after year.  I cannot thank you all as individuals but this is a team sport anyway so take comfort in the knowledge that you are appreciated by me, by the racers, by the residents of Colts Neck and by the sport that we help to promote and progress.  It was great working with the 3D team folks who were doing a great job keeping proceedings moving along so well all day.
We were blessed with perfect weather this year and a large rider turnout making Colts Neck one of the most popular races in New Jersey.
I am so lucky to be a part of such a great group of people, thank you all again.
Cheers, Doug
April 24 - Sunday Ride Time Change - Anne
Effective in May the ABC Sunday ride will begin at 8 a.m. from the Allenwood School.  The ride will return to 9 a.m. in October.
Next Sunday, May 1st, is the Tour of Colts Neck Bicycle Race and we are hoping all members will be at the race on that day to offer support as needed.  Remember marshals are needed even if you can only give a few hours of your time.   Thanks, Anne
April 12 - COLTS NECK 2011 - Doug
Our annual Colts Neck race is rapidly approaching and as always we need our trusty volunteers.  Several months ago I announced a change in the running of the race, asking a long time friend Tom Ayers to assume overall race responsibility.  The race this year will be presented by 3D Racing Team AND Atlantic Bicycle Club, a joint effort.  Tom has continued with our ideas for changes and added some fresh ideas of his own.
Registration and parking will be located at the side entrance to Thompson Park just south of the cemetery.  This will be convenient to the action and a much nicer location for spectators to view the races.  Negotiations for these changes began over a year ago, our thanks to Monmouth County Parks System who are fully supportive of the event.
Finish line is now approximately 200 meters north of the park entrance (toward the cemetery).  Each race start will line up in the park and as each previous race finishes the racers will start from the park entrance.
Several of the races will be points races to add to the interest of the events and prize money has been doubled this year.  Field limits are higher with a 35 plus event being added also.  The schedule has been compressed with more than one race on the course at a time.
For more than 15 years the ABC has made the Tour of Colts Neck a classic thanks to the support of our wonderful members. This years race promises to be the best yet, but will require more people to help it running smoothly.  Tom will have a cadre of 3D helpers on the day but we will need our experienced marshals to provide the steady hand at the helm.
I am asking all who can make it there on May 1st to come out and help us continue this annual classic.

                                                                                            Cheers, Doug
January 26 - ABC PIZZA PARTY - Anne Hi Everybody,
 Our Annual Club Pizza (and BEER) Party will be this coming Monday January 31 between 6 & 6:30.  As always it will be at The Brother's Restaurant on Front Street in Red Bank.  A nice time of year to get out and meet up with your cycling friends that have been sort of snowbound lately.  So far the weather looks OK for that day.
 Our new club windbreaker jackets are in and I hear they are really sharp.  New jerseys are here too.  Doug will have them at the party so get your order in and bring your checkbook.
 Membership application is attached.  If you have not already renewed for the year please complete the application and mail it with your check to:
PO BOX 330
 Will also have forms at the party.
 Hope to see you all there.
 Thanks, Anne
2010   2010
October 30 - Egon's Pine Barrens Ride - Anne
ABC Pine Barrens Ride, Sunday Nov. 7, starting at 9:00 AM from the Foodtown shopping center, Whiting, NJ (Rt 530 and Cherry St). You'll have an extra hour, standard time starts that day. 50 + miles with a stop in Tabernacle at Nixon's Store. (Coffee, muffins, etc.).
  Map of Whiting, New Jersey by MapQuest   Zoom in on map and click and drag to navigate.
Take Rt 70 west past Lakehurst about 4 miles to traffic light and turn left on to Manchester Blvd. Go to second light and turn right on Rt 530 (Lacey Rd) and make an immediate left into shopping center parking lot. Park near the back of the lot.

This has been the long hot summer of our dreams, said to have been the hottest summer on record and one of least rainfall also ! Having stated the obvious we should all be at the peak of fitness. On the other hand it looks like some club people are not looking as fit and fast as they should, maybe they have been burned out on too much cycling or is it time catching them up !? We need ways of keeping our enthusiasm alive and making the club rides as varied as possible to avoid becoming stale. We will have a Pine Barrens ride soon and also a trip up to North Jersey one day to Sussex or Warren County when the leaves turn. We will of course need some one who knows where Sussex and Warren counties are !!
I am sure you have noticed the great look of the club website thanks to John Schwebel our web maven. We owe John a very big thank you for all his diligent work on the clubs behalf, thanks John.
Racing has not been as large a part of club activity as in past seasons due to various factors however certain stalwarts have kept the ABC flag flying. Rich Bradley has been active in masters races this year including placing 3rd in the 65+ TT cup series, winning medals in State championships as well as acting as Steve Gerard's lead out man at the Senior Olympic races in Woodbridge in September. Steve won no fewer than four races at the Senior Olympics and was very active at the velodrome all season long placing well in masters track racing as well as State Road Race and Crit Championships. New member Jerry Grayce and Doug Mitchell also rode State Masters races with varying degrees of success. Bob Vale has been the most consistent Time Trial Racer for ABC in the last few years and sometimes ploughs a lonely furrow in these events and is often the only ABC rider at the race.. Bob took 5th place in the 55+ TT cup this year, one of the toughest divisions in the program. We hope Bob can get some team support for next season ! Kudos also to Harold Brenner who raced the Sandy Hook TT and even placed above Bob Vale, well done Harold. Andrew Brennan has also been a regular at the velodrome along with Steve Gerard. Andrew has had a very successful track season and by all accounts has been a major player in all the races he has ridden. Andrew also has been doing very well in the tandem races with his wife Andrea. They were podium finishers in the National Championships out in Louisville Kentucky earlier this year, we must consider that to be the highlight of the ABC season in 2010, congratulations to the flying Brennans !

Our little club has a long history of nurturing new riders and watching them progress in the sport as they move on to another club or another state, among these are Tom Barnett who this year won the Juniors State Cup and Ken Drake Jr. who won the 35 plus State Cup. We notice that Ken does not use the latest super light equipment and yet rode away from many of his competitors at times. Another ex ABC rider is progressing really well these days, Andrea Brennan won the Women Cat. 4 Time Trial cup this year under the guidance of husband Andrew no doubt. Good luck to all our ex members wherever they are.
New club officers are still needed, all who are interested in volunteering please call Doug Mitchell any time, he will set aside a few days for interviews soon.

New clothing will soon be ordered, we will buy wind breaker type tops as they are used all year round, hopefully we can get the kind that has pockets.
Did we mention that the Sunday ride starts at 9AM from now till next May, make a note. Do not forget to check the club website regularly for more news and results.
Keep a look out for future newsletters as we will be holding a general club meeting

Some new folks have joined up with us in the past few months:  Jerry
Grayce, Michael Rubino, and Nestor Vela. Jerry is a licensed CAT 5
(master) racer.....hope we see you at the races wearing an ABC Jersey.
Welcome to the ATLANTIC BICYCLE CLUB. We look forward to seeing you on
the rides. Check with Doug Mitchell for club/ride information and check
out our website at

Terrie Katz has agreed to be our new Treasurer next year. Terrie has
been a member for a number of years and will definitely be a plus to the
ABC work force.

We are still in need of a membership chairman next year. Speak to Doug
if you are interested.

Attached is an updated membership list. For whatever reason most of you
are unable to open my documents....a problem at my end I'm sure. Maybe
someone with some computer smarts could come forward and take care of
the list.

See you on the rides,
Thanks, Anne
August 3 -State Team Time Trial - Doug While we are congratulating our terrific ABC couple let me say ,well done to the team time trial racers at last Sundays state TTT champs.  Bob Vale put a team together to represent the club consisting of himself Frank Terranova, Bill Hitzel and Doug  ( The Anchor ) Mitchell.   Mitchell dropped at the 5 mile mark and left the rest of the team to come home in fifth place in the 55+ division.  Bill Hitzel is the father of Andrea Brennan, she was also racing Sunday and was part of the team that broke the womens course record, what a girl !!   Maybe some of you ABC hot shots can gain inspiration from Bill and Andrea and try a time trial or even a road race in the future, just for fun !   Also big thanks to Anne Salzano and George McCary who both worked as marshals at last Sundays race.  Remember we are not just Sunday riders there is a lot going on out there.   Mitchell.
August 3 - Andrew & Andrea - Anne
Congratulations to Andrew and Andrea for their Bronze Medal finish at the
Time Trial National Championship in Louisville, KY today.

They are both having an excellent racing year and we are very happy for
them!!!! Thanks for putting ABC on the podium.
June 11 - Colts Neck Classic  - Doug
I am writing to you today concerning The Colts Neck Classic.  After 15 years
our annual bicycle race has certainly earned "classic" status. However I
feel that time has come to take action in order for it to remain so into the

First let this be a belated thank you to everyone who gave up the better
part of a Sunday in early May to help stage yet another successful race.
Such an event could not happen without the support of many members. Having
said that I think we all realize that the majority of the effort is borne by
2 people. Anne has recently notified us of her resignation, and after 15
years, I quite honestly need to take a break. We both come to this decision
not without concern of the future of our race.

We have reached out to Tom Ayers and requested he assume overall race
responsibility. Tom is one of the founders of the ABC and owner of Tom's
Atlantic Cyclery in Atlantic Highlands. He is experienced with race
promotion and is familiar with all of us as a fixture in the sport for many
years. He has the expertise to run, and the desire to see the race continue
for the good of the sport. The ABC will still be heavily involved with the
race, giving Tom as much help and support as he needs.

The Tour of Colts Neck is a classic that has become an important part of ABC
history. I am confident we will all work together to keep the race on track
not only next year but in years to come.

Cheers, Doug Mitchell
May 16 - MY LAST YEAR -  Anne
Hey Everybody,

Effective December this will be my last year as an Officer of The Atlantic
Bicycle Club. I have been doing this for over 15 years and it's time to
pass on my duties as treasurer, my work with membership, the Colts Neck
Race, and other duties as assigned.

I have enjoyed working for the club but more than that have appreciated
the support that I get from all of you.....on and off the bike. As most
of you know I have had some health issues over the past 12 months and feel
it would be best for the club if others take over some club
responsibilities. I will always be here to work for you and offer any
support if needed.

Thanks and see you on the rides.

2009    2009
June 20 - The Brennans - Doug
   The Blazing Biking Brennan's !
Hi all, how many of you know how well Andrea and Andrew
Brennan are doing on their tandem these days? The Brennans won the
tandem division at the NJ State Time Trial championships recently,
besting the second placed tandem by over 2 minutes. The last TT they
entered was at the Rt 29 series where they averaged almost 27 mph. They
have flown the ABC colors so well on their new two seat flier lately, we
are all really proud of them. The next big challenge for them will be
the national championships in Louisville Kentucky. They are entered in
the 70+ mixed category road race on June 28th and then the 70+ mixed
category time trial on July 1st. They can be assured we are all behind
them on their efforts to bring home the gold from the nationals !
Andrew has also been riding very well on the Velodrome recently with a
number of high placings. Good luck to Andrea and Andrew as they
continue to keep the ABC colors flying. Cheers. Doug Mitchell.
June 4 -State TT - Doug Last Sunday May 31.  Saw a great turn out from the club for the NJ State Time Trial Championships.    Top of our list for congratulations must go to Andrea and Andrew Brennan who won the Tandem class with a terrific time of  56min 36 sec. for the 40 K. race.  They were over 2 min. clear of the next tandem.  They have been working so hard over the last months and all the hard work has paid off for them.   Andrew Celin was 3rd in the 17-18 group junior mens class, with a great time of 30min.30sec. for the 20 K.  A great result for Andy who has been busy with school and other priorities to deal with these days.   Rich Bradley won the mens 70 plus age group.  Bob Vale did very well with 1Hr. 8Min. 40Sec. in 11th in the 55 plus mens class 40K. Frank Terranova at his first attempt at a TT finished with a time of 1Hr. 7Min. 24Sec. in the 55 plus also.  One of the best performances of the morning was that of Steve Schwartz who rode  the 50 plus event and recorded a time of 1Hr. 1Min. 54Sec. a great time from someone who is quite new to TT racing.  Sorry to say that Eddie Mack crashed when he hit a rock at around the 22 mile mark, poor Ed ended up with broken ribs and some road rash, we hope to see Eddie back on the road soon, hope you did not tear up the new skin suit Ed !  Good work everyone !!  Thanks.   Doug Mitchell.
I second that, Doug. A special thanks to all the marshals for enduring that day in the rain. Maybe we can procure about 6 shelters equipped with hot chocolate and coffee dispensers. Thanks, Anne, for organizing the marshals while I wasn't available. And thank you Doug for pulling it off again.

Thank you all for a great day at the races.
Once again the ABC pulls off another excellent day of racing in Colts Neck.  My sincere thanks to all of you who came to help make the day a success.  To all those who stood a corner or intersection in the rain, the club is in your debt.  Lesley Geddis who had never met any of us before stood out there and manned her corner so well mostly by herself....thanks so much.  Chris Barnett worked all day long at start/finish area, even though he now rides for another club he was happy to give us a hand, many thanks Chris.  Paul Casale and Steve Gerard worked so hard all day I could not have survived without them.  To all the corner marshals a big thanks for keeping all the racers safe, Chuck Allison, John Hunt, Patrick McMillan,  Bob Carlin, Rich Celin, Don Carlin, Jim Geddis, Mark McCall, Eddie Mack, Tim McCurry, Ricky Moore, Steve Schwartz, Ira Schwartz, John Schwebel, Bob Vale, Frank Terranova....GREAT JOB ALL OF YOU!!  Egon Glass as always come through, he kept the marshals informed and most important delivered the pizza (with a lot of help from Andrew and Andrea).  Terrie and Brian Katz were brilliant at start/finish all day and never stopped smiling.  Thanks too to the registration workers who helped it go so smoothly.  Lynn Dennan, Sandy Mack, Joyce Allison, Rich Ferreri, and of course our old dear friend Mike Haddad the faithful volunteer. (note from Anne...thanks Paul for setting up registration with the overhead that kept us dry all day).  A special thanks to Joyce Allison for the "coffee" run and of course picking up the pizzas.  John Schwebel must have spent all Sunday night putting the results in order and sending them off.  Not to mention the time spent posting the race photos to our web site plus all the other odd jobs I gave him, all without a complaint from him.  And thanks to our very own professional photographer Bob Yellen for yet another year of great race photos. Bob Varca drove the lead car for every race as did Paul Casale.  Bob is more used to a race car these days however he appreciates what it takes to race a bike in the rain.  Last but not least we must thank George MacCary our faithful moto man who spent a whole day on the motorcycle going round in circles in the rain, all the time keeping an eye on the safety of the racers and never missed a beat, kudos George!  If I have missed anyone I apologize, my mind is still waterlogged. Thanks again everyone.  Doug Mitchell. 
P.S. For the second year in a row I have lost a new staple gun!!  (note from Anne....get over it Mitchell)
April 28 - ABC Rides -  Anne
Beginning in May the ABC Sunday rides will be starting at 8 a.m. from the Allenwood School.  There will not be a ride this Sunday as all members are expected to be at the Colts Neck Race.
Also in May the Wednesday rides will be moving to Patriot's Park in Jackson, leaving at 9 a.m.
The Friday rides remain the same....Manasquan Reservoir 9 a.m.
We have scheduled a pre-race meeting to be held Monday April 27 at 7:30 P.M. at the Colts Neck Rec Building on Heyers Mill Road (behind the Colts Neck Inn).
We need to discuss the changes/improvements being made for this year's event.  This will be a team operation in order to keep the races moving in a more timely manner than prior years.   Please try to attend....we need your input and ideas as experienced marshals....also need to keep everybody informed.
On race day Bob Varca and Paul Casale will be on the road in their cars, and of course George MacCary on the motorcycle, along with another motor ref.  We do not have all corners covered as yet.
I'm still waiting to hear back from some of you per my e-mail below.  Also need your cell phone numbers for the list.
See you Monday night!
 Thanks, Anne
April 20 -Tour of Colts Neck Race Sunday May 3rd
Ok Folks....listen up.  We need to improve operations this year to effectively ensure a timely start for all races.  The first race MUST go off at 8 a.m. and the following races immediately after each finish.  The start/finish lines will be in the same general area as in the past however they will be separate from each other in order for the riders to be lined up and ready to go for the next race. 
As always marshalling is at the top of the list of importance.  We need to have marshals in their designated positions, ready and set up, by 7:45.  We would like to have marshals cover their same locations as in past years since you all know the routine for those particular corners.  At that time George will roll through the course without the need for stopping and report back to the Chief Referee who can then start the race on time.
So far we have Ira Schwartz and Bob Vale at turn 4.  That's the last turn on the race course and a 3 person corner with the short steep hill.  A third experienced person is needed there.  We have John Hunt and Chuck Allison at their usual hilltop location where they alert the marshals at turn 3 to riders coming through and to block traffic for road closure.  Can someone tell me who was at turn 3 last year????  Bob Carlin and company will be at turn 1 as always.  Not sure who is typically at turn 2...another spot where at least 3 people are needed.  Who has worked that location before?????  
Club newcomers....we are all needed at Colts Neck on race day! You can be placed at locations to assist, learn the procedure, and fill in to replace others when needed.  We are all needed that day.  Bring a chair, food and drinks, and your cell phone.
Registration opens at 7 a.m. and we would like you all to be there at that time to help out with any last minute details.  Some of us will be there at 6 a.m.
Egon Glass, our usual marshal coordinator, is tied up with family obligations right now and will not be available until race day.  At that time Egon wants everyone at their corners by 7:30 so that he can fine tune and ensure that everyone knows their routine and/or make any necessary changes. This way everyone will be ready for George's last minute check at 7:45.
A cell phone list is attached...please check it out and let me know of any changes, additions, or deletions.  New members....please provide me with your cell phone number. I will have copies of the list on race day or e-mail prior to that.
The CN police and the neighbors would like to have their roads opened up to traffic as early as possible.  We have had complaints from riders about the races not starting on time.  The more efficient we are with timing this year the earlier we can finish up the day and everybody will be happy.
Please get back to me by the end of this week at the latest and let me know whether or not you are available and what locations if any you have marshaled in the past.  If marshaling is not your thing there will always be a job for you.
Any questions or suggestions?  We will keep everybody in the loop of changes and updates.
Thanks, Anne
Membership application is attached for 2009 club dues. (Word or HTML version is at: )  The club no longer offers free membership to those members 65 and over.  All else remains the same.  Please send your check and completed application to me at the address at the top.
Also....The Annual ABC Pizza Party is coming up.  Same place as always.....The Brother's Restaurant, West Front Street, Red Bank.  Wednesday January 21st. 6 p.m. or whenever you can get there.  Hope all can make it.....a nice chance to meet and welcome some new folks that have joined us this year.
 See you there,    Thanks, Anne
 2008    2008
November 17 - WEDNESDAY RIDE - Anne

Now that there's a chill in the air, the leaves are off the trees, and some roadies are moving to the woods, starting this Wednesday we will be moving the ride from Patriot's Park to the Manasquan Reservoir for the winter months. We will move back to Patriot's in the Spring.
Wednesday Ride - Manasquan Reservoir - 9 a.m.

October 17: Update from Anne Hi Everybody,  Just a few ride notes and reminders:

1) Andrew and Andrea Brennan's Virginia Ride is the weekend of the 25th & the 26th.  For more information a copy of the invitation is attached.

2) Egon Glass is running his annual Piney Ride on Sunday November 2nd.  Mark your calendars...this is always a fun ride with some different roads, mostly flat,  and sometimes some different people from Egon's neck of the woods.   Egon's directions  "The Pine Barrens ride, 50+ miles,  will be Nov. 2nd.  I hope it's not too cold then. Start at 9:00 AM at the Super Foodtown lot in Whiting at the corner of Lacey Rd.(Rt. 530) and Cherry St. Rt 70 west about 4 miles past Lakehurst, turn left on Manchester Blvd, go to 2nd light, turn right on Lacey Rd. (Rt 530) and turn left into Foodtown shopping center. "
Map of Whiting, NJ by MapQuest

3) The Sunday rides have been very well attended these days and we try to keep things going smooth but cannot always do that without  always do that without  everyone's cooperation.  Remember to stop and wait at intersections so that we can regroup when necessary.  When the groups are large and diversified the ride leader will call an A & B split at a stop street and it's important that we are all together to hear what's going on.

4) For those that can ride on weekdays we still have the Wednesday ride at Patriot's Park in Jackson and will be there for another month or so.  I'll keep you posted on any location changes.  And there is always the Friday ride leaving from the Manasquan Reservoir at 9 a.m. These are fun and friendly rides  and all are welcome .

5)   And last but not least we finally have CLUB SOCKS!  Yes, thanks to Doug and his  designing  talents, we have red, white, and blue socks to match the club jerseys.  See Doug for a pair at the give away price of $5.00.

 Be sure to check our club website for ride information and updates:
 See you on the ride.Thanks, Anne
October 10: ride update The 9:00 am Wednesday ride is back at Patriots Park until further notice. [From the grapevine]
The 9:00 am Saturday ride is suspendend  until next spring.  [From Bob Carlin]
September 18: Ride Changes for Fall and Winter - Doug As of Sunday Oct. 5th. Sunday rides starts at 9AM. for the winter period.
Friday ride from Manasquan Reservoir leaves at 9AM. as usual.
As of Wed. Oct. 1st.  Wednesday rides start from Manasquan Reservoir at 9AM.
Patriots Park rides start again in the spring.
See you on the ride.
Doug Mitchell.
September 3: Summer Track Race Results from Andrew Brennan

(Send your race results to the 
Here are my results including the New York State Championships which went well.
6/14 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town)-Masters 6km Points Race 4th
6/21 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town)-Category 4 3Km Win & Out 4th
7/19 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town)-Category 4 5Km Scratch 5th
        Category 4 6Km Win & Out 4th
        Category 4 5km Tempo 3rd
        Category 4 1KM Scratch 3rd
        Category 4 Omnium 4th7/26 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town) Masters Cup-30+ 10Km Scratch 10th
         30+ 12 Km Points 9th
         B Feature 2Km Handicap 3rd
8/2 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town)-Masters/Category 4 Combined
         Unknown Distance 4th
         10Km Points Race 4th
8/9 Valley Preffered Cycling Center (T-town)-Category 4 4Km Scratch 4th
         2Category 4 20 Lap Points Race 5th
         Category 4 Elimination 3rd
         Category 4 Omnium 4th
8/16-8/17 Masters & Elite Regional/State Championship (New Jersey State Track Championships)
          35-39 1000 meter 3rd
          35-39 3000 meter 2nd
          35-39 Flying 200 3rd for NJ (7th for Regional Championship)
          35-39 Match Sprints 3rd for NJ (5th for Regional Championship)
          35-39 Points Race 2nd for NJ (6th? for Regional Championship)
8/23-8/24 New York State Track Championships Kissena Velodrome
           30-49 Points Race 2nd
           30-49 Scratch 3rd
           30-49 Keirin 4th
Andrew Brennan
May 12:  Colts Neck Thank You - Doug

This year was eleven years of Colts Neck races by ABC. Every year we ask our members and friends to give us a hand in running the days events. Every year we are not disappointed and this year was no exception. The organizing committee wishes to thank all of you who came out and gave of your time, without you the race could not have taken place. We have club members of long standing who no longer race for ABC but none the less still are generous enough to give up their time to help out on the day. Nick Marino and Darin Bedle are two names that come to mind, two guys who helped without question, thanks boys and thanks to Nick's buddy Dave for also helping out. Anne Salzano organizes registration like a military drill ! Her helpers this year were especially keen, Sandy Mack, April Santinon, Rich Bradley, Rich Ferreri, Steve Gerard, Jon Farbman and Joyce Allison all pitched in to make things go smoothly along with Lynn Dennen behind the scenes. It took Anne many hours of hard work to put the registration and crew together. We owe her a special thank you, and a trophy too ! Egon Glass organized the road marshals for the day and as always the riders were given safe passage through every corner. George MacCary donates his "Moto Official" hours to keep the riders in line and safe. Paul Casale and Bob Varca were also on the course driving the lead cars. The marshals we know were present include, Bill Hitzel, Mark McCall, Terrie and Brian Katz, Steve Gerard, John Hunt, Bob Carlin, Alex Baldi, Tito Bastianelli, Rich Bradley, Jon Farbman, Tim McCurry, Chuck Allison, Jurgen Roedel, Frank Terranova, Andrea and Andrew Brennan, Bob Vale and Eddie Mack. John Schwebel stayed up half the night getting the pictures(courtesy of Bob Yellen)on the ABC website for all to see. The list of support is endless. Excuse us if we have left anybody out,
we owe you all a big thank you !! We have received many e mails thanking the ABC for putting on a great event. The Tour of Colts Neck is one of the best races in New Jersey and we can all be proud. Thank you all so much. Doug Mitchell.
May 2: Colts Neck Race, etc.  - Anne
So far so good.....Bike Reg closed with 226 last night.  That's somewhat less than last year but we anticipate some to register on race day.  We are opening registration at 7 a.m.  First race off at 8 a.m. 
Plan on being there as early as you can....some of us will be there by 6.  Remember we're counting on you.
Other club notes....
Starting this month the Sunday rides will start at 8 a.m. for the summer months.  The Wednesday rides will move back to Patriots Park in Jackson, 9 o'clock.  The Friday ride remains the same, 9 o'clock at the Manasquan Reservoir.  The Saturday ride is still 9 o'clock at Allenwood.
Attached is updated contact list.  I will have copies with me on Sunday.
See you Sunday morning at Colts Neck.
Thanks, Anne
Apr. 19: Colts Neck Race, Sunday May 4 - Anne
We will be discussing/organizing marshal locations, when & where to hold back traffic, any road closures, etc etc.  So far it doesn't look like we will be having any police support so we're it.
For those helping with registration this will be a good time to go over the set up and the details of each station.  
I'm attaching the cell phone listing.....*******please give me any updates or additions to last year's list.
See you at the meeting.....we need your feedback and suggestions to make this another safe and successful afterwards :)
Thanks, Anne
Apr. 9: Colts Neck Race, Sunday May 4 - Anne
It's just around the corner........  As always we will have two motorcycles on the course, George MacCary and John Balaban.  Paul Casale and Bob Varca will also be on the course in their cars as race leaders and road marshals and whatever required. George will be coordinating this.  Hopefully we will have all the corner marshals we had last year.  Please contact Egon Glass and let him know you're coming.
Once again we would like to have a cell phone listing for everybody.  I'm attaching last year's list.  Please check it out and let me know of any additions or changes to the list.  Do not update the list.....just e-mail me the information and I'll get the updated list out to everyone before race day.
Anyone interested in helping at registration?  It's a lovely job.....300+ bike riders nagging and jumping the line to get their numbers and whining the whole time.  It starts at the crack of dawn so there might be a chill in the air.....and maybe a lovely cool breeze so you don't get overheated.  And the pay is the the end of the day your president will smack you on the back and say "good job...thanks everyone"!  Anyone that I haven't already threatened, beaten, and bribed, and would like to help out please let me know ASAP. Oh...and some nice gentleman always brings us coffee and donuts too:)
Remember.....we are all needed on race day.....please try to be there. I'll keep you posted on any updates to the information.
Thanks, Anne

Help is always needed for our club's annual May race: Tour of Colts Neck, Sunday, May 4,2008.  On the day of the race and also for pre-race organizing.  Anyone who may have something to offer can help even if it's just making phone calls, getting photo copies, attending organizing meetings and so on.  Contact Doug Mitchell.
Mar. 12: CLUB MEETING - Anne
Jan. 24: ABC PIZZA PARTY - Anne
For those that have not renewed their membership yet I will have application forms with me....bring your checkbook!
Looking forward to seeing you all there.  Mark your calendars!!!

2007    2007
Dec 5: 2008  ABC Team sponsorship - Doug Mitchell
Hello All,
     I am contacting you to inform you that the club is looking to upgrade our racing profile next season with an emphasis on junior riders.  We are looking for new young riders of all ages from 11 years up with a view to promoting cycling as sport for young people.  With this in mind the club will need extra sponsors to help carry the load.  We will also need help in recruiting the new members, I am asking all ABC members to be on the lookout for any kid who may want to get into cycling as a sport, there are future racers all over our area we just need to identify them and encourage them.  We will organize rides for any youngster who needs help.  Coaching is free, we give every kid a uniform to get them started and pay most of their race fees. To date ABC has used club funds to run the junior program. Your club dues and the small profit from our Colts Neck race promotion has been our primary source of club funding.  If we expand our junior program we will need sponsors to help young people get in to bike racing. If you know of or hear of any person or business who may be interested in team sponsorship please let them know of our club program.  Our junior team from this season will all be back so we have a good nucleus to build upon.  Any feedback will be encouraged, all suggestions will be taken note of and all help will be appreciated. 
Thanks for listening to my plea.  Happy Holidays.  Doug Mitchell.    
Nov 23: News - Doug Mitchell
Hi Everyone,

Alex Baldi has recently joined the club and we are happy to have him as a racing member.  You may remember Alex; 88 lbs and spins at 250 RPM, anyway whilst skiing last week Alex crashed and broke his wrist so he is out of action for a bit.  We wish him speedy recovery.
The new winter jackets are now in and are available in most sizes so get one before they all go.  Cost is $90. for regular members and $60. for juniors.
As you see a number of members are riding or is that Hiding in the woods these days so don't expect to see too many out on the road !!!  Now is a good time to line up a good orthopedic Dr !!! 
If anyone is interested we can put a week night roller/trainer session together  we have a hall available in Howell.
Weekday rides continue; Wednesday from Patriots Park in Jackson and Friday from the Manasquan Rerservoir both 9AM.
See you all soon.   Doug Mitchell.  
September 28 Rides & Notes - Anne Salzano
Hi Everybody,
Just a few updates on our rides.  A SPOKES FOR HOPE bike ride is Saturday October 13th.  Information and attachments [see Webpage]. The ride starts and finishes at Seven Presidents Park with lunch served after the ride.  It would be nice to have an ABC showing.  Maybe some of you Saturday regulars could get this organized and moving.  
On Sunday Oct 7th Egon is once again running a Pine Barrens Ride.  Remember those rides....60 miles, fast and flat.  This is an all are welcome ABC ride. Directions to Whiting parking are attached. Any questions call Egon
Thomas, our youngest member and his dad Chris completed the Hillier Than Thou 100 miler last weekend with Thomas being the youngest finisher.  Good Job Thomas!!
This Sunday is the last of the 8 a.m. start until the Spring.  Starting October 7th with Egon's Pine Barrens Ride start time is once again 9 o'clock. 
See you on the ride,

Directions to parking in Whiting for Pine Barrens Ride:
RT 70 west to RT 539/530, turn left on 539/530 by the Super WaWa, at the light go straight on RT 530 to the left of the new shopping center, in less than 1/2 mile turn right into small shopping center just after Cherry St. and before the next light. Park near back of lot.
Zoom in on map.
May 12: Colts Neck Race - Doug Mitchell
Photos from May 6 Tour of Colts Neck are now on the ABC website. 
ABC wants to thank all of the participants in the Colts Neck road race for making the day a success.  We were able to keep to our schedule for the day, we were off the roads in good time and we had zero complaints from residents on the course.  Once again we apologise to any one who did not receive a placing due to the technical problems. Thank you all for picking up your litter and behaving so well.  See you again next year.  Doug Mitchell. 
May 8: Thanks Race Volunteers - Egon
A big" Thank You" to all the marshalls for keeping the races safe. Bob C., Darin, Candy, Brian and Terrie, Jim J., April and kids, Steve, John, Chuck, Bob V., Mary Ellen, Frank, Bob V., Nick, Tito, Joyce, Mike, Rich, Dorian, Rick and last, but definitely not least, Doug M. We had enough volunteers so that some could also race, some could perform other race duties and some were available to obtain and distribute FOOD to the crew. Of course, thanks to the race committee for running a great event.
Hopefully, I didn't overlook anyone.
Thanks again,   Egon
April 30: June 10 ride to the Philadelphia bike race - Bryan Katz Leaving from Michael J. Tighe Park in Freehold Township   at 7:30am. It's a fairly flat 50 mile ride straight to Philadelphia over the Ben Franklin bridge. Once there we'll wander around the race course a bit (Manyunk Wall, Lemon Hill, etc). Need to know who's planning to ride so we can figure out the shuttle drive home. Contact Bryan Katz 
April 27 Racing News - John Smertneck
Just saw the latest updates to the site and here are the spring races I've been in additional to what's shown.  All but Battenkill-Roubaix were field finishes, however outside the prizes and not quite on any posted results page.
 Tour De Lamb 3/31 - Cat 3/4
 Pinecone Circuit 4/1 - Cat 3/4
 Battenkill-Roubaix 4/14 - Cat 4 (results here:   Tough race, 96 of 125 finished.  Really favors the guys who can train on those climbs on a regular basis.
 Rahway Criterium 4/22 - Cat 4
I was pleased to get field finishes racing up in the 3/4 events rather than 4/5.  At Rahway's crit I had a couple of good attacks but got pulled back in and the big sprinters took over.  Darin and Brian were also at Rahway along with Andrew, Geraldo and me.  Darin also did Pinecone. I see that Andrew got his Cat 4 upgrade, hopefully Geraldo soon and we'll be able to make some noise in the Cat 4 races.  Also, linked through my site is video from Sandy Hook of Geraldo and Andrew. Next up of course is Colts Neck, see you there.
April 24 Racing News - Andrew Celin On Saturday, for CherryBlossom, our 15-16 group beat all the 17-18 year olds with about  a minute gap in between at the start and 30 secs at the end. I had gotten dropped on the last lap but caught up w/ about 150m left and I was off the front. But the sprint group of 4 quickly caught up and I got 5th. Geraldo finished pretty well I believe, I know he finished with the pack but I don't know where.

On Sunday, we had a good race. Geraldo and I got to ride in the same race this time. After the first few laps, Daniel Sullivan, teammate of Greg, flatted so that was pure luck. The pack kept surging and Geraldo and I got dropped after two more laps BUT  we caught up. We pulled all the way back to the pack from a 20 sec gap. We finally got there with 3 laps to go, about 3.5 miles. My water bottle had popped out of my cage about 4 laps in so I hadn't had any water since then except a squirt from Geraldo. There were about 8 people in the pack so Geraldo and I tried to work our way to the front. 2 to go. The pack surged again. I thought Geraldo held on but he didnt and I didnt realize it until he was gone. The final lap, the sprint starts, everyone takes off, but theres a gap between five of us and the rest of the pack. Three guys are really sprinting, Fillip, Greg, and another 18 yr old. Ricky from Colivita is a bike length in front w/ 50m to go so I put on the gas for 4th place by two feet

I've upgraded to cat 4 by the way. and there are two pictures from Sunday, one when Geraldo and I are catching up and one right before the sprint. 
April 9 News - Tour of Colts Neck -  Anne 







Thanks, Anne
March 14,  16 News - Doug Mitchell  Club Meeting Friday March 23  7:30 pm Colts Nec Rec
Just a reminder that we will be holding one of our "tri monthly" ?  club meetings at the Colts Neck Rec. building on Hyers Mill Rd Colts Neck in back of the Colts Neck Inn.  Rt. 520 and Rt 34.  If you have not re-upped for 07 you can do it Friday.  We have two new junior riders this year and we would like to give them the best support we can. We welcome Geraldo Rivera and Andrew Celin to the club.  They have already attended the junior racing clinic up in Sussex this month and are on track to do really well in the races this season.  We will be looking for help with the Colts Neck race again as always, I know our members will step forward again with their usual enthusiasm.  See you Friday ?   Mitchell. 

2006    2006
September 27 News & Notes - Doug Mitchell - Anne Salzano FROM THE DESK OF DOUG MITCHELL 
Things are quiet now that the racing season is almost over.  ABC has had a successful year at the races.  Our juniors Greg Battista and Brian Burdick were very successful on the road.  They rode junior and senior events and were able to do well in each division. Greg is Garden State Cup Junior Champion. Greg and Brian are now Cat. 3 and should go even further next year.  Greg has one more year as a junior and Brian is a senior as of Jan 1st.  He will also be going to college next year.  Matt Aniski our junior from Long Beach Island raced as much as he was able and gave a brave account of himself at the state crit when he rode to make up the team numbers with very little training in his legs.  John Smertnick has been riding well all season, racing a lot of events and getting some useful lessons on training and tactics, it's not easy being the only team member in your race.  John has also shot some very good video of races and does a great job of that too.  Bob Carlin Eddie Mack and Rich Bradley have been doing very well in masters races all over the place.  Carlin is in with a chance of becoming MCRA age group champ again subject to final points tally.  Steve Gerard has done very well at the velodrome and was part of the bronze medal team in the state track champs when he rode with Doug Maimone and Mike Haddad in the team sprint.  Darin Bedle has burst onto the racing scene this year winning one event and finishing up well in  every race he rode .   We expect even more from him next season.  For a full account of club results look up the club website.  The Sunday rides have been well attended and we see more new faces all the time.  We are happy to welcome back some of those who have been absent for a while including Rich Ferreri, Ricky Moore, Carl Demola, Tim Mccurry and others.  From now until next May all Sunday rides start at 9AM.     Doug Mitchell. 
 This Sunday, October 1st, is the RETT RIDE.  Rhett Syndrome is a neurological disorder among very young children.  Last year I did the 50 mile ride by myself.....this year I'd like some company.  The ride is supported by our club and a couple of us are doing it this year.   The donation is high and I'm not asking any of you to contribute, just come out with your ABC jerseys and ride as a group.  We'll be leaving from Brookdale Community College at 8 a.m.  Not sure which parking lot but the college grounds will be well marked.  Check out the website for more information.
 Hope to see many of you there. Thanks!
September 3: Race report - Doug Mitchell Some racing updates;  Greg Battista; 1st in juniors  Somerville  [Saturday 9/3] also 2nd in Cat. 3,  Brian Burdick 3rd. junior, 4th Cat. 4.  John Smertnick, 7th Cat 4.  Good lads !!!!
September 1: Race report - John Smertneck
Here's the racing report for the last part of the summer:
I did the second and third Lakewood training races but didn't make the results page, good efforts and good training.  Greg and Darin both had top finishes in the 3/4/5 races.
I visited my parents in Williamsport, PA and raced the Wollet criterium.  Not a good finish but at least the folks got to see what a real race is like; they enjoyed the color and speed of the event.  Results posted here:
After that it was the Shore Classic in Lakewood where Darin got 5th and I was 18th, so far I didn't see any results posted for that.
The day before the State Crit I went to Burlington and was in the field for the finish in the Cat 3/4 race, on a challenging technical course with a lot of rough pavement and tight turns.  No results posted so far.  It was a good tune-up for states, which seemed a much slower pace than the day before.  I had a couple of attacks, one with two laps remaining that opened a gap but I was caught and finished in the field.  Afterwards I had some good coaching from Darin (3rd place Cat 4) who noticed I was spinning too much in low gear, and to work on the weight training to make an attack work next season.
Next races are Saturday and Monday, not sure of how the weather will cooperate.  Then most likely finish the year with Phillipsburg the 9th.
   That's the race report from here!
       - John
August 21 News: State Track Championships
I thought you might be interested in letting your members know of an ABC success. See below.
- Best regards, Michael Haddad
On Sunday, August 20th club members Steve Gerard, Doug Maimone and former ABC member Michael Haddad teamed up at the NJ State Track Championships to earn bronze medals in the 3-man team sprint event.
There were 10 teams competing in this event and the ABC boys raced against many more-experienced track riders that race category 2 and pro events at the Trexlertown Velodrome, as well as many top junior riders.
August 7 News: Team Time Trial The pictures I forwarded (See home page for PICTURES link) are the team time trial this Sunday.  Bradley, Mack, Nicora and Farbman made up the  55+ team and were 3rd in class.  The junior team is Greg Battista, Brian Burdick, ABC and Jeff Johnson from the Brielle team.   These guys WON the junior race with a 58 minute time for 25 miles with only 3 riders, great stuff !!  These kids are doing great !!  This year is Burdicks last as junior and will be going to college next year, Battista is good for another year as a junior Jeff too.  Matt Aniski from Long Beach Island is on the team but has not raced much this year so far we hope to see him in upcoming races. ... Thanks.  Doug.  
August 1 News: Asbury Park Press Article CLICK HERE
July 27 News & Notes: 
Here are results of last Saturday's Team Challenge in Cadwalder Park in Trenton. As you see our boys performed really great.  Last year we were second this year we won.  Jeff Johnson, a member of Brielle racing team , is also  good friends with Greg and Brian and has no other juniors in his team so he made up the team with our guys.  On Sunday they all raced in the Park Ridge Classic Criterium and all placed in the top ten . These kids are doin great, we must continue to give them all the support we can. John Smertneck was a bunch finisher in Park Ridge which is a very demanding course.  Last week at the Lakewood Blue Claws Crit Greg WON the junior race and Jeff was second with Brian in 6th.  Greg also had a strong field finish in the Cat 3 race at Blue Claws AFTER winning the junior race.   Daren Bedle is making a showing at some races this year.  He had a great field finish at the Blue Claws Race and a strong ride at the Lakewood Training Race last Thursday night. Hope we see more of you at the races Daren.  Bob Carlin was out at US nationals in PA.  He was 6th in the TT and Tito was 7th.  Bob grabbed 5th in the Crit.   We're not sure yet how Bob finished in the RR....he said something about being first but we think he may have been snoozing.   GOOD JOB GUYS!         
Notes from Anne:
The Asbury Park Press photographer made an appearance at the Allenwood School for last Sunday's ride.  Check out this Sunday's Press for pictures of all of us hanging around the parking lot, and maybe some pics of us on the road. Rich Clayton made a special appearance for the occasion.  See if you can pick him out.....he's the one without the ABC jersey.
The JDRF Team Time Trial takes place Sunday August 6th.  Bill Borghard, the promoter, is not calling on us for marshals this year.  ABC has a couple of teams signed up to race so take a ride out there that Sunday and give them your support. 
YSG Racing is running two more evening training races at Lakewood Blue Claws,  Tuesday August 1st and Thursday August 10th.  This is a great spectator course.  Although they are training races, places and prizes are awarded.  Last week ABC had a turnout of about 10 racing members.  Here is the link if you'd like to see some of our team members and other local teams in action.
Remember to check out the ABC website for racing and club news.  John Schwebel does a great job keeping the website up to date with events and race results.  John is recovering from a crash a few weeks back and we hope to see him on the road again soon. 
See you on the rides!
June 25:  State Road Race Championship report from: Smertneck, Mitchell 2006 New Jersey State Road Race Championships,  Bridgeton, NJ, Saturday, June 24, 2006.

Here's an update on this weekend's race:  It was Greg Battista, Brian Burdick, and me representing in the Cat 4 race.  I had been sick the first half of the week, so initially wasn't sure about how I would perform.  Westwood came in with big numbers, and to nobody's surprise they got 2 in a breakaway through the first lap, and the rest of them stopped working.  Greg moved up to the front and went across, so Brian and I didn't do any more work on the front.  Several others made it across too, from most of the teams and I think the breakaway was 12 strong at one point, it ended up passing the Cat 3 field.  Greg got 6th in his final Cat 4 race before upgrading, Brian and I came through a few minutes later in the main bunch.  Overall a very successful day.- John Smertneck

Seems like you guys had your act together on Saturday.  Good going John, trying to race after being sick is a job to handle. Spoke to Greg today and he really rode well, as you said he got across to the break and they got it together to stay away and it came down to a bunch sprint. Gregs good buddie Jeff Johnson who rides for the Brielle team was in the break also and came away with a great win, not bad for a pair of 17 year olds.  Greg is soon to be Cat. 3 so we will be looking for some big results sooner or later.  Brian Burdick has been training again after a bit of sickness so look out for him later this season.  Rob Viscomi is starting Rutgers this fall so we will be seeing even less of him, but he intends to keep riding and racing with the college team if possible.  Matt Aniski is a new junior member and he lives on Long Beach Island as soon as he gets his license he can get to come ride with us as LBI is no place to ride, so we look forward to seeing Matt on the rides soon. Good luck to all our racing members. - Doug Mitchell
June 19 Email: 
[From John Smertneck responding to inquiry about his racing results from the webmaster:] I raced the Corner House Grand Prix in Princeton back on June 3rd.  They finally did post results of that on the USA Cycling results page.  Although I did finish the race, I'm listed as a DNF.  Quite a lot of other finishers were listed as so too, since the field got split up and I think they only placed the main bunch.
I've also been up at the training series a couple of weeks at S. Mtn. Reservation in Orange.  [See: ] Did well in those races, but no results posted.  This Saturday is the state road race for me in Bridgeton.
June 5 News: Colts Neck Bike Lanes
Hello there,
    Thank you for asking me to help with your proposal.  I and my friends also ride the roads of Colts Neck and would also like to feel safe when we ride.  I think that bike lanes are very helpful. They are very cheap for the local authorities to install.  I will forward your message to my clubmates in the Atlantic Bicycle Club, I am sure we can be of assistance.
            Sincerely.  Doug Mitchell. 
 ----- Original Message
Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 2:08 PM

Dear Mr. Mitchell
            We are students from Colts Neck School District and our goal is to propose a grant.  We decided to do something for the community.  You may be asking, �Why does this concern me?� Well, our grant is along the lines of a bike lane on our roads.  We decided that it is a need for people to have the right to go biking with out the fear of being run over.  We personally go biking very often in our town and we often find that we come inches away from being hit by speeding cars.  Being that you help with the Tour of Colts Neck we figured that you would be the first person to go to.
            If you are willing to help us, or know anyone else who is willing to help, please let us know.  If you do not think this is a need then can you please give us some other ideas.  Thank you very much for your time.
                                                            Nick Deckmejian, Bill Kallas, and Mike Heyer.
                                                                                    Cedar Drive Middle School
May 30 News: June 11 Freehold-Philly Ride. From Bryan Katz: We'll be riding again from this year from Freehold to Philly to watch the ProTour race.  We'll leave around 7am from Liberty Oak Park in Freehold.   It's a 50 mile ride following Route 537 just about the whole way.   Mostly flat with the biggest hill being the Ben Franklin bridge.   After getting to the race we'll bike along the race route - visiting the Manyunk Wall for a couple laps, Lemon Hill, and back to the finish line for the final laps. I'll figure out the arrangements for return ride - so please let me know if you want to ride.
May 15 News: Thanks for Tour of Colts Neck Help
On behalf of the club I  would like to thank all of the people who came out to help at the Colts Neck races on May 7th.  Without all the generous support of club members, families and friends we could not put on such a great day at the races.  The registration went very well indeed thanks to Anne's great organization and the brilliant help she got from Lynn Dennan, Frank Terranova , Sandy Mack and Rich Ferreri.  Those of you who martialled the corners deserve special recognition for a difficult job as you spent a long hot day keeping the corners safe for all the racers, I do not know all those who helped and do not want to leave out anyone so thank you all so much. This was the ninth consecutive Colts Neck race we have promoted.  The weather was perfect, the racing was exciting, and a great time was had by everyone.   Check out  the club website for race pictures and full results.  The pictures are by Bob Yellen ace photographer.  Thank you all again.  ABC is the best.  Doug Mitchell. 
May 9 News: After Tour of Colts Neck
The Atlantic Bicycle Club, The Colts Neck Recreation Committee and the residents of Colts Neck want to thank all those who participated in Sundays events.  The day went very well, the weather was perfect and we had a large turnout.  Thanks to all the helpers and officials without whom we would have no race, they all made the day go so smoothly.  Congratulations to all the winners and well done to all those who raced.  We welcome suggestions and criticism on our event, any ideas you may think of to improve proceedings are welcome.
A set of keys was found at registration, if any one wants them we have them.  A dark blue fleece jacket was left behind also.  A cell phone was reported missing if found call Joel Storm.  A yellow Pearl Izumi windbreaker/jacket was lost contact Don Clapp if found.   Thanks.  Doug Mitchell. 

Message for all junior participants at Colts Neck.  The results posted do not reflect age groups.  The age graded results will be up later this week, so wait a few days for final tally.  Doug Mitchell.
May 3 News:  Hi Folks,

Just a few reminders and updates: Beginning in May the ABC Sunday ride will move to 8 a.m. The Sunday "B" ride and the Saturday "B" ride will also move to 8 o'clock.

Since the Tour of Colts Neck is this Sunday we hope (expect) to see all club members at Colts Neck helping out with the race. Registration opens at 7:15. If you have volunteered to work registration for the early morning
rush please be there by 7 a.m. to help set up and know the procedure. The Cat 5's go off at 8 o'clock and are typically our largest field....we need registration to be as efficient as possible.

As you all know Egon Glass is coordinating the marshals; time, place, buddy system, lunch choice, whatever. 

The new clothing order is in and will be available at the race on Sunday as well as the rides. Remember what you have ordered and keep in mind that we have spent a good deal of our club funds to honor your requests, please be considerate and timely with pick up and payment.

The Tour of Colts Neck is our main source of income, let's make it a successful day.

See you Sunday!     -  Anne Salzano
April 26 News: SATURDAY Rides Doug Maimone will be leading the SATURDAY rides leaving from the Allenwood School at 9 a.m. This is a friendly, low key, "B" ride lasting approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours. All are welcome. All rules of the road apply.
 For additonal information or questions contact Doug  -  Anne Salzano
February 23 News: Club Meeting Friday March 3 We will be holding a general club meeting on Friday March  3rd at 7:30 pm. at Colts Neck Recreation building on Heyers Mill Rd. behind Colts Neck Inn.  We will be discussing Colts Neck race May 7th and the need for help in running other races this year. Colts Neck has added a sub junior race this year for 10 to 13 year olds.  We want to encourage members to try and become a USCF level 3 coach which is the basic coaching level; all it requires is to obtain the coaching manual from USCF, read it and return the test question sheet, score over 70%  and you are a coach, simple.  The club will pay the fees for the manual and test if you pass.  We also want to encourage young people to take up cycling as a sport;  if members know of any kids who fit the profile, let them know we can help them become involved.  Tuesday evening spin is going strong, anyone want join us, come on down, bring rollers or a trainer. We have room for at least 120 bikes so you won't feel confined !!  The club has developed a relationship with  Eurocyclesports bike shop in Allenwood these days and they have been very supportive, with the juniors in  particular. Both Frank and Greg are ready with help or advice plus they have arranged to supply racing frames at a great price for club members,so whether you are in need of  a nice frame or just a cup of coffee why not drop by and see them.  A new club clothing order is on the way, we will try to fit everyone, some extra small sizes too for those young kids we expect to see some time.  Carlin, Mitchell, Bradley and Farbman are all spending some time in Florida in March so expect to see some wrinkled tan lines this spring.  Remember that the Nationals are in PA. this year, not far to drive, well worth the effort to see how you stack up against the rest of the country; all you need is a racing license and a bike !!  We know how cold it is this time of year but we must be thinking of riding the road as much as we can, easier said than done but there are some good group rides around to join up with. 
February 12 News: Spin  Sessions The Tues. spin at Coastal Learning Center is canceled for this week as it is Valentines day and the roads will probably still be icey.  Tell your friends that the sessions have been great up to now and the more people who attend the better it gets.  - Doug Mitchell.
February 12 News: Saturday Road Ride There is a Saturday ride leaving from the Allenwood School at 9 a.m.  This is a B ride lasting approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours.  This is a low key friendly ride and all are welcome.  All rules of the road apply.
January 23 News: Spin  Sessions Doug has begun the ABC Tuesday Night Spinning sessions again.  Meet at 6:30 at the gym at the Coastal Learning Center - 38 Arnold Boulevard in Howell:
Click here for a google map of the location.
There is no longer a formally requested fee for each session, but donations of $5 are suggested.  These donations will go to support the growing ABC Youth Racing program.
January 23 News: Ride for  Autism The 2006 Ride for Autism is scheduled for on 6/10/06.   One important feature of our ride is that we do not require additional pledges or contributions beyond the flat registration fee of $30.  Information about this year's ride is at

 Thank you for you consideration, and we hope to see you this year!

 Andy Abere

Ride Director

January 13 News:
Club "B" Ride
To:      ABC Members and Other Interested Cyclists

Something new is being added to the weekly Sunday ABC ride schedule. A separate �B� ride will be established, leaving 15 minutes before the regular club ride for those interested in a less taxing, shorter group ride. The people we hope to attract to this ride are:
  1. Former club riders who can no longer train and therefore cannot enjoy the regular weekly club ride.
  2. Any other person who would like to participate in a group bicycle ride. People who would enjoy the exercise and camaraderie that goes with bicycle riding.  You do  not have to be a club member to participate.
 The club has discussed this new ride with several former members and has received lots of positive comments. So, starting Sunday, March 5, and every Sunday thereafter, we will meet at the Allenwood School parking lot. The ride will leave the parking lot at 0845 and we expect to do 30 to 35 miles to start. The pace will be moderate (maybe even slow).

Tell your friends or bring your friends. There is almost nothing as enjoyable as riding a bicycle with a group of friends.  Any questions or comments, call Bob Carlin
January 2 News: Spin  Sessions The weekly spin sessions will start up again this Tuesday 3rd Jan. 6.30 pm at The Ocean Learning Center Gym on Arnold Blvd. in Howell off of Allenwood-Lakewood Rd.  Bring your own trainer or rollers for a group workout.  Non members welcome. - Doug Mitchell.
2005   2005  
November 14 Meeting Notes: Attendees:  I counted 15 people, including all of the usual suspects.  Yes, Doug Mitchell was there.  Of course he was there.  And he brought his usual stack of obscure cycling magazines that various people poured over during lulls in the meeting.  Not that there were any lulls.   Especially considering the noisy Aerobics class prancing around on the floor above us.

COLTS NECK RACE:   Endless congratulations and thank-yous to all for a well-run race that is one of the most popular in the region.  Doug and George waxed poetic about all of the people that came out to lend a hand.   We returned to profit in 2005 after barely breaking even in 2004.   We had a couple of First Aid incidents, but nothing terminal. 
  • Colts Neck 2006 race is May 7.  Mark your calendars!   The changes to the race slots last year worked out well, so no adjustments are planned for this year.
  • As for the rough road, Katz's offer to talk to Holmdel was greeted with skepticism since no Holmdel residents live on that road.     Nevertheless, I'll make the attempt again.     However, it was reported that even though the road has some pretty bad spots, at least some of the advanced racers we've spoken to across NJ commented that it gives the race character.   And one of our officials (George) said that as long as we can manage to close the road to traffic so the riders can use the whole width, it's not an unmanageably poor situation.
  • was a great asset and it's a must.  Still, Anne saw other races doing check-in better, and she will apply some of those learnin's.  Stay tuned for details.

FINANCIAL:   Our balance sheet looks good.   The most strain on our balance sheet is when we lay out money to buy clothing.   Right now we have about 40 items in our inventory (figure cost of roughly $2000).   So help us clear out inventory and get the money in quickly.  It was decided to sell the old stuff at below cost just to get the cash back into the bank.

CLOTHING: Main page of Web has been updated with availble clothing.


  • 2005: We had 5 juniors racing - 3 of them racing the regular circuit and 2 focusing on time trials.  Most notably Brian, Greg, and Rob got 2nd place in the team challenge points race.  At least Brian will probably move up to Cat 4 next year.  Juniors get race fees paid for and free uniforms from the club.   They also get a decent price break at the Allenwood Bike Shop.   Not all juniors have submitted expenses yet.   Results were spectacular. (To get the full emphasis, think about how someone with a British Accent would enunciate the word "spectacular" with all the gusto he could muster).  (Speaking of mustering, didn't we chase the Brits out of Monmouth County back in the 1700's?) (Response from the honorable Doug Mitchell:  "As for being chased out of Freehold, lets just remember mate that if not for the gallant red coats we would all be speaking Spanish and trying to cross the Canadian border to get a job cutting lawns !" )  
  • 2006:   All 5 boys will be returning, but it's probably the last year for 3 of them.   Members are encouraged to send possible recruits to Doug.     Bob Carlin and Eddie Mack will write up a flyer that we can distribute to schools, bike shops, and other assorted places.   John Schwebel said he has list of email addresses where we can send notifications & press releases.  Sponsors would be good.  Any ideas or better yet any recruiting of sponsors would be welcomed.   e.g., can you imagine the cost of stocking juniors with bike shoes alone as they grow through them year-by-year?
  • NJBA is starting a Junior Development committee to foster Junior programs around the state.  If interested, get the details from Doug Mitchell.
2005 RACING TEAM:  Great showing by all this year.   We had more racers in different cats than we have had in a while.  Bob Carlin represented us well at nationals and even a worlds.   John Smertneck moved to Cat 4 from 5.   Steve Gerard raced at Lehigh most weekends this summer.   Eddie Mack started showing well in the senior races.   And on and on. 

OTHER RACES WE MAY SPONSOR (the only two races that would be on the calendar in Ocean County).
  • ISLAND BEACH TIME TRIAL:  Rich Bradley has been looking into a Time Trial that would be held at Island Beach State Park.   He spoke with the rangers there, who were enthusiastic supporters.  If held after Labor Day, the ranger told Rich that he could give us a closed course until 10am.   If we start at 8:30, this gives us up to 180 racers if we start every 30 seconds.  The Park offers a lot of flexibility for courses with a maximum of 17 miles.   The working idea is that it would be a 20k (about 13 miles) race.   Proposal is to have this be an end-of-season event, and we would possibly host an end-of-season Lunch.   This will be discussed at the coming NJBA scheduling meeting.   And Doug (etc) will ask about automatic timers that could be rented for the event.
  • LAKEWOOD BLUE CLAWS:   Eddie and Doug Mitchell have scoped out the Blue Claws facility and saw a possible 1 mile 5-turn course that required almost no road closure.     If tied to the Blue Claws, this could be a highly publicized event.     Training races?   Eddie said not now, at least.  Work with BlueClaws on a notable event for this year.  But keep it simple - say only for Cat 2 & 3.   Doug ( will discuss it at the NJBA scheduling meeting, and then he and Ed will approach the Blue Claws
  • NJBA has a bit of money available to help new races get off the ground.
RIDES:   22 people this Sunday.  Discussed possibility for formally starting a B-Ride.   Need a member who will be willing to  dependably lead it week-in-week-out.    A couple folks went away with action item to contact folks who might be interested in leading a B-Ride.   

WEB SITE:  Katz whined about how hard it is to keep the web site current.   But we continue to get huindreds of hits on our web pages a month.   (Yes.  This info is available.  Look on the lower left corner of our web page, and you'll see something about a hit counter.  Click on that, and you can see the available data).   The photos we posted on Webshots have had about 16000 hits since the race.  Incredible.   Anyway, about Katz's whining, John Schwebel heroically stepped in to offer a hand.

TRIPS, etc:
  • Rich Bradley is thinking of a tour in Italy next year.  Several folks said they'd be willing to consider this.   A couple requested that it not be in spring - tied to the Giro.  Just a tour where we could use the facilities that "April" has.  Doug filled me in:  April's second name is Santinon and she is connected with an outfit called, Italian Cycling Centre it is in the Veneto region near Venice.
  • Ed proposes to do a Lehigh trip again in August.  He would like to make a weekend out of it.  Friday night are the pro races.   We could do a ride on Saturday (he has  a route sheet for a 45 mile hilly ride).  Saturday night has amateur races on the track.  And as last year, we would have the track to ourselves on Sunday with coaching.
  • Winter Pizza Party:  Stay tuned for our annual refrain of a wild nite at the local Pizza hang-out.  No date was selected, but it would likely be in mid-January.
Doug reports that several participants retired to the adjacent Colts Neck Inn after the meeting to evaluate their libation and comestibles.   The reports filtering in are all positive.

Mail: May 4 (from Egon):

I want to thank all the people who swept and put out signs and marshalled the Colts Neck course on that rainy Sunday. It couldn't be done without you.

Thanks to Ira, Nat, Mitch and Lou; to Bill B., Tito, Steve S. and Jim B.; to Bob, John S. and Gene; to John H., Chuck and Rich B.; to Rich C., Tim, Paul, Steve G., and to Brian and Rich F. It was great to have so much help and it certainly made me feel more relaxed. I apologize if I have overlooked anyone.

Thanks again,


April 19 News: May 1 Tour of Colts Neck:
  • We need some volunteers for pre race duty.  We would like someone to distribute the race notice to the residents on the race course.  This entails putting the note in all possible mail boxes on the course the week before the race.  Doug will supply the fliers.  We also need as many club members as possible to show up on race morning. Egon Glass will coordinate race marshals.  Anyone wanting to act as a marshal for the day should call Egon.  We need people for registration duties too, very important!  Particularly to help with the early morning rush.  It will be helpful if someone can go to the start-finish area and cut the grass at the finish line.  
  • Anyone who has time, get over there before race day and sweeping the course would also be good. 
Clothing:  We will be ordering more club jerseys and shorts after the race when we will know what our club finances look like.  People should let Doug know what they will need, sizes etc.   Rides:  Doug will be leading a ride from the bike shop in Allenwood for the juniors on Thursdays at 5.30 - mostly drills and paceline stuff.  

Results:  The only result I was able to find on the web so far.  This was on a rainy windy day at Sandy Hook, and we had a couple of brave people show up to compete:  I know that others have raced already this season including a couple rambling travelers heroically sitting in on local races in sunny warm Orlando last month.

April 13 News: From the honorable Doug Mitchell.  In preparation for the May 1 Race:
  • We will have a club meeting tonight (wed April 13) at Marias in Manasquan 7-30 pm.
  • We need some volunteers for pre race duty.  We would like someone to distribute the race notice to the residents on the race course.  This entails putting the note in all possible mail boxes on the course the week before the race.  I will supply the fliers. 
  • We also need as manyclub members as possible to show up on race morning. Egon Glass will coordinate race marshals.  Anyone wanting to act as a marshal for the day should call Egon.  We need people for registration duties too, very important ! 
  • Rich Bradley will not be available with his "VIP tent",  so we need another tent or cover of some type.  Any body have a van that we can use on that weekend will most helpful. 
  •  It will be helpful if someone can go to the start-finish area and cut the grass at the finish line.  
See you soon I hope.  Doug.
February 26 Email from John Smertneck ABC was represented in the first race of the season in NJ today at the Branchbrook Tour de Lion.  The conditions were good, only one icy patch that was coned off.  I had a solid field finish (total of 36 in the Cat 5 race), but not in good enough position at the end to sprint for the prizes.  My big move was at the end of lap 5 of 6, I went to the front to see if I could get away, but no luck so I disappeared into the pack.  Afterwards I got some thanks for the hard pull.

It was pretty cold so I left before all the races so I don't know if we had anybody in the later events. See you for tomorrow's ride.


February 24 ABC News Tour of Colts Neck is May 1.   Make sure to mark that on your calendar and plan to be there.   And bring a friend.  Race Marshalls needed.    Fresh Air!   Friendly local motorists!  And most important - Free Water!!!   The race flyer can be downloaded from our web site:     Doug reports that we were on the border of not breaking even last year, so we're  forced to raise our fees for most races .... except Jr and Cat 5.   But we've also upped the prize list for races ... a lot higher for the women's races.  

News from the hon. D.Mitchell who has once again buggered off to warmer climates:

  • Attached is the 2005 race schedule for NJ. 
  • The usual pleas apply for volunteers on race day.  (editor's note ... I waffled back-and-forth about embellishing what should be a bold and inspiring plea for club members to chip in and help with the race... but I decided to leave it as is since we know how to interpret mitchell-speak.) 
  • Some of you heard that the USCF wants all motor cycle and auto marshals to have full insurance coverage for bicycle racing.  This could have been problem because it would be expensive for the average person to obtain so would deter them from working at a bike race.  But I spoke to Harold Nolan from Colts Neck Rec. department, and he assured me that ALL those helping on the bike race are covered for liability under the townships umbrella policy.  So that should dispel any fears on that matter.
  • We are also looking for sponsor help for the race only as our expenses have gone way up, they even charged us $200 for the porta potty last year ! 
  • Attached are flyers for a duathlon that some of our junior racers will be racing in, can we let other club members know about it.    It's for a good cause:

Hi Doug,

I am the Director of Special Events for Southern Ocean County Hospital Foundation.  We are hosting a Duathlon (run/bike/run) on Sunday, April 10, 2005 to benefit Pediatric Services.  I have attached the information for you in case anyone in your club would be interested in participating in this event.  

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Lisa Klein, Director of Special Events
SOCH Foundation
1140 Route 72 West
Manahawkin, NJ  08050

January 19 midwinter news The attached is from hizzoner Doug Mitchell:
  • Spinning Tuesday: Tuesday spin sessions are going well.  We have lots of space for any number of riders. You are welcome to bring your own music.  7pm to 8.30 pm.  Door opens at 6.30.   
  • Sunday 10am:  Sunday rides are missing some regulars,  looks like Mt bikes are a warmer option.  Talk to Egon Glass about trails in the Pine Barrens he has a lot of area knowledge. But maybe some people are using up a lot of energy on Saturdays with nothing left for Sunday.   (Editor note - 10am starts are a bit too late for some of us.)
  • Midweek Rides:  Midweek rides with the over the hill gang are going well, call Bob Carlin or Rich Clayton for details. 
  • Club Renewals:  Club renewals are due for 2005, act now and avoid the rush !!    You can find the membership application here:
  • Juniors:  We are pleased to say that our junior squad is keen to go.  The first event for them will be the Sandy hook TT. on April 2nd.  Most of our junior riders have triathlon experience so a TT should be a familiar situation for them.  In May there is a junior stage race planned and that will be a major objective also.  The guys at the new bike shop  Eurocycle Sports in Allenwood, Frank Viscomi and Greg Ciancio will be helping out with support for our juniors.  Frank is an old ABC member from way back and Greg is a former club sponsor.
  • Colts Neck Race May 1:      The Colts Neck race is on Sunday May 1st this year.  The club barely made a small profit from last years event so this year we will be looking for a sponsor or two for help with expenses.  Without the great volunteer help from club members and friends we would not be able to put on such a  good race.  Any suggestions on how we can improve the race will be most welcome.  One suggestion from a certain person was for the club to collect $10. from every club member, we would put money in the bank and take the day off instead of marshalling and working on the race. That way we would be sure of a profit without all the hard work. Hmmm !
  • Club Duds:  Here is a list of clothing on hand.
    • New jerseys, full zip.  2 med.  6 lg.  2 xl.  1 2xl. 1 3xl.
    • New winter jackets.  2 xl.  2 xxl.  1 3xl. 
    • Vests.  3 med.  2 lg.
    • Long sleeve jerseys.  4 xl.  1 2xl.  1 3xl.  
    • Shorts.  1 med.  5 lg.  5 xl.  1 2x.  1 3x.  
    • Bib Shorts.  1 lg.  5 xl.  
    • T Shirts.  12 med. 2 lg.
We need more shorts and jerseys, we will also be ordering a new supply of socks soon.  A lot depends on available funds. 
So remember,  " You don't stop cycling because you get old; You get old because you stop cycling."


2004    2004
November 15 ABC News  The latest scoop on spinning - not fully committed yet - is that we hope to have our first session on Tuesday 11/23 at 7pm.  After that the sessions should move to Wednesdays.   That is Wednesday 12/1 at 7pm then 12/8, 12/15, etc.  This is *not* confirmed.  Doug has some things to check before finalizing.  Stay tuned.
The location will be the gym at the Coastal Learning Center in 38 Arnold Boulevard in Howell:      There will be a $5 fee for each session, and Doug is slotting the money to support the youth team that's forming up.

If I did this right, you can click HERE  to see a map.  If not, the directions Doug gave us on Sunday were pretty easy.  Leave the Allenwood School as we normally do.  Take an arbitrary left turn and then several other lefts and rights and you'll be right there.   If you're worried about whether this will work, just stay on Doug's wheel and eventually you'll get there.


November 8 ABC News The below note is from the our esteemed D.Mitchell....   (You can tell it's from him because the first sentence is written in British.)

" ABC are planning a weekly indoor training session for the winter period.  We are currently negotiating for an indoor facility and hope to hold a weekly evening training get together for club members starting later this month.  The sessions will be run by Eddie Mack and Doug Mitchell.  You will need a static trainer  and your bike,  we go through some well known workouts to keep you fit and help develop power and speed.  A donation of $5.00 will be all you pay.  All those interested please call Eddie or Doug as places are limited."  Right now  Tuesday or Wednesday seems best.  But we are still working on it."

Interested riders should contact Doug

October 11 ABC News Thursday 10/14 at Maria's in Manasquan.

ALso ... NJBA Banquet 11/21 - details below in an email I received from Doug Mitchell

----- Original Message -----

From: mitchell
Sent: Thursday, October 07, 2004 10:16 PM
Subject: Club Meeting Oct 14th.
The next club meeting will be on Oct. 14th 7.30 pm at Marias in Manasquan.  We will be discussing the junior team as we now have 4 juniors who will be riding and racing with us. Doug.

The annual NJBA dinner is on Nov. 21st  at The Willows in Green Brook NJ.  Time. 6PM.  The guest speaker is Frankie Andreau of OLN and TDF fame.  He is also a  good buddie of a certain cyclist from Texas !  The club is paying for any club racer or club officer, their partners will pay the ticket price of $25.  We have reserved a table for 10 and 2 spaces are still available on the table, other tickets may still be available.  Interested ?  Call me or Cindy Donnelly for more info.

September 28 Race Results from John Smertneck  >From: john smertneck
>To: bkatz; dwmitchell
>Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2004 12:11 AM
>Subject: summer race results

My notable performances so far this summer were:

USBHOF 4th of July race - 8th place (Cat 5)

Dave Wollet Criterium - 3rd place (Cat 5) - small field though, only 11 riders.  The local newspaper also published an article about the race I crashed.  A reporter came over and interviewed me afterwards, it's always interesting to talk to some guy who's bleeding.  Here's the link:

Additionally, I had the 11th quickest bike split at the Flat Pancake Duathlon, for 16th overal

Next up I'm going to Albany, NY to visit friends and race the Capital Region Road Race on the 21st.  Then for sure the State Crit Championship and possibly USBHOF Labor Day and Rutherford.  I will keep you posted!
September 24 Ken Drake Results
Here are some old old results that I overlooked.   Ken Drake had sent me a note way back in June, and I never forwarded.    I know he has raced since then ... and I just asked him for an update.  But in the mean time, here's what he sent me back then:
> May 23 - Evesham Crit - Cat 1-2-3 - 10th place
> May 28th - Manville Crit - Cat 3/4 - field finish
> May 29th - Super Saturday - Cat 3 - 2nd place
> May 30th - Bound Brook - Cat 3 - field finish
> June 6 - Branchbrook Crit - Cat 3 - 2nd place
> June 12th - Hermes Crit - Cat 3 - 4th place
> June 20th- Asbury Park Crit - Cat 3 - 11th
I asked Ken about the good results - because I had wondered how he deals with being on his own in the Cat  races.  I thought Cat 3 had at least some level of team tactics.  Here was his response.  Many of you probably already know this - but it's some interesting thoughts for us posers and the newbies:

Cat 3 races have some team tactics, but not enough that I can't work around most of the time. Once the 2's and 1's are involved, the teamwork comes more into play.  In March and April, I did 1-2-3 training races in Branchbrook Park.  They had much more team tactics than the straight 3 races.

I enjoy the 1-2-3 races more than strait 3 races. The 3's tend to chase every breakaway, and most 3 races end in field sprints. The 1-2-3 attack from the start and work endlessly to establish breaks. I like that style a lot more; it makes for more interesting racing. Next year, I get to race 35+, and those are some good races too.  

September 24 ABC News Reminder, Sunday rides move to 9am in October. 

Race results from Doug M (who else would consistently spell "tire" wrong):

  • Eddie Mack was a brilliant 4th at the 55 plus race at the Blueberry road race in south Jersey last Sunday, he would have been better placed if was not for a rider trying to ride him into the woods on the last corner.  
  • At the Bob Beal Masters weekend in Charlestown Rhode Island it was Doug Mitchell in 9th overall in the 60 to 64 division, but best of all was the ride by Rich Bradley. Rich came 3rd in the road race after a flat tyre saw him chase the bunch for 15 miles by himself,  he rode well the TT later in the day with a 2nd place but best of all was Sundays criterium when Rich took off from the start and the bunch never caught him,  in fact he lapped all but 3 of his division.   He finished 2nd overall and but for the RR flat could have won outright.  The weekend weather was a big factor it poured torrential rain during the RR causing some riders to abandon the race and Sunday was cool and very windy. 
  • Bob Carlin was a favourite for the weekend but his injuries caused him to miss it this year.  Bob had a nasty crash at the Masters Nationals in Utah last month.  We hope to see Bob back on the bike soon. 
  • Our junior riders have tasted racing and now we hope to have at least 4 juniors on the team and we are looking forward to seeing them develope over the winter. 
  • Eddie Mack nd Don Clapp have done a lot ot help out the boys and encourage them along.  We hope to be hoding spin sessions this fall/winter time with Don Clapp as instructor, we have a hall to use and hope to see a good club turnout.  
Results from the Mt Washington Hill Climb ( deserve some mention.  I hear that the weather was pug ugly this year up there.   Rain.  Cold.  Yuk.  Who wants to deal with rain while you're struggling up a 15% mountain slope.   Well, I guess Ian Ayres does.  He finished 12th OVERALL!   I know.  Ian isn't a club member.  But damn fine results.   Had to mention it.  Dom Presa was loaded for bear this time, but some joker ran him off the road.   Picture this.  Rain.  A grade that you wouldn't want to walk up.  And a "gutter" of slippery stones about a foot off the edge of the road.   Once you hit the first stone, it's almost as slippery as the one just below it, and you go sliding down with hardly any way to stop.  Dom said he slid something like 15 feet.  And - miracle of miracles - two guys got off their bikes to help him.   This is heroics because folks don't go up Mt.Washington with charity on their minds.  They're suffering hard.  As planned.  But regardless, the got off their bikes and helped him.  Dom ended up with several serious bruises and a couple of stitches.  But get this.  He got back on his bike and finished.

I've updated our home page with results I found online.  The above results Doug mentions aren't there yet. 

I added a counter to our web page, by the way.  I've found that we have an average of 8 hits per day on our web site.   Kinda cool.  Interested in the stats?  Look here:  I know that a bunch of stuff on the site needs fixing.  Just haven't had the time.  Any volunteers?


August 25 News We seem to be having a busy summer for news.   Since I only got one complaint about all this email, I decided to forward more.  This time with photos to really stuff your inbox.   First is a note from Rich Bradley about the July 12 race.  Also attached is a surprise note from Michael Haddad showcasing the re-emergence of Doug Maimone as an award-winning track racer.  The state crit championship is this Sunday, and Doug said he expects that we'll have a large team representing us there with hopes of a good showing.  Best of luck to all



From: rrbradley
Subject: Re: Salzano race report from july 12

What you didn't report for the Sussex race was that I won the prime, which
was a wonderful Colnago hat, and Doug quickly pointed out that only his bike
read Colnago, so that beaut black hat you will see Mitchell in is a "gift".
Also, we rode a great race as a team protecting Bob up front on the break.


From: Haddawad
To: dwmitchell
Sent: Monday, August 23, 2004 11:29 AM
Subject: NJ Track Championships
Hi Doug,

I hope all is well with you and that you are riding well this summer. I thought that the attached photos and news might be of some interest for the club website. I hope to see you on the road soon.

Best regards,

Michael Haddad

Here's the headline:

"Doug Maimone returns to track racing and wins a bronze medal in the team sprint at the NJ State Track Championships"

And the accompanying article:

ABC club member Doug Maimone teamed up with former club members Dan Kinningham and Michael Haddad to ride a 1:18 team sprint. This marks Doug's return to racing for the first time since his terrible accident on the Vandedrome years earlier.

He rode the first leg of the team pursuit brilliantly as his team finished 3rd overall. The only snag for Doug all day was when track officials refused to provide him with two holders for the standing start

Tito Nationals Report Hi all,
Bob, I hope you are feeling better.
Here's some more information on the crash. At bell lap on the up hill before the second right turn, I made a move on the outside to get into the turn up front. There was no one in front of me and I had clear shot to the turn, but on the inside riders collided or touched wheels. One rider on his way down hit me, taking me down and Bob was behind me hit me while I was on the ground and went over me. A bad crash for all, three of us including Bob who could not get up. The medical help was there immediately to take care us. Eventually, I was able to get up with help of the first aide guy. I saw  Bob still on the ground about 10 feet from me being looked  over by another  first aide guy and I went over to see how he was doing. Unfortunately  for Bob he had to be taken to the hospital. As for me no broken bones this time....just lots of bruises and less skin (I probably left about 1/2 pound of my skin on the road. Not a good way to loose weight). Plus, my favorite skin suit got shredded behind repair. It is unfortunate for both of us we probably booth would have placed.


August 16 Nationals before the crash Bob Carlin and Tito Bastianelli traveled to Utah last week for the USCF National Masters

The road race profile was impressive, and now I understand why Tito was training in the
mountains of Italy all spring:   He scored 7th in his
age group yesterday.  Well done.  Road race results are here:

The time trial was earlier in the week - Thursday - and Carlin earned 5th while Tito was
9th.   Results can be found here:     I once asked
Bob which he likes better - Time Trials or crits.  He said Crits, definitely, would be his
first choice.  Next would be poking himself in the eye with a sharp stick.  And then time
trials.   Given that - this makes his result that much more impressive.

I updated several other results on our web site.  .  I
haven't had time to post the photos from the TT yet.  Stay tuned.

I've heard that some of you aren't ecstatic about getting these emails.  Just let me know,
and I can take your name off the dist'n list.   Any suggestions for changing/improving would
be welcomed.  Just file club feedback form x-5193.  Remember to use blue ink on the first 6
pages.  (Any color pen will be ok for the 2nd half of the form.)  And send it to the
honorable Doug Mitchell.   COD.    Oh ... and be sure to let Doug know about anything else
that's bothering you.

Congrats again to Bob & Tito.

August 8 Thanks for helping with TTT  
>From: "Bill Borghard" 
>To: dwmitchel
>Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 10:45 PM
>Subject: Thanks!

> Doug,
> You are probably sleeping right now resting for your
> glorious 45+ win.  I just wanted to thank you for all
> the marshall help from ABC just in case I miss you
> tomorrow.  ABC has been a real savior!  Nothing like
> trying to marshall a 25 mile loop.
> Hope you have (had) a good time at the race.
> Thanks again,
> Bill
August 1 call for TTT Help From the erstwhile honorable Doug Mitchell:
The Team Time Trial on Sunday 8th August needs volunteer marshals.  The organizer Bill Borghard was a great help at our Colts Neck race and we would like to help him with his event.  The race headquarters is at Frogbridge facility in Clarksburg.  You will receive a T shirt and water bottle from Bill and the ABC will give you free membership for 2005 if you can help.

Thanks Doug Mitchell.  

NJBA championship event

All proceeds benefiting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

July 16 TdF News

Was going over the pictures I took while in France, and I discovered what appeared to be an
ABC Jersey riding with Fassa Bortolo in their TTT.  (See attached photo.)

I first suspected that Tito had somehow escaped US borders again and surreptitiously snuck
onto the top Italian TdF team.   But I realized that if he'd done that, he'd at least be
smart enough not to wear his ABC jersey.

My latest theory is that this is really Kim Kirchen - Luxembourg national champ.  Their
national jersey kind of looks like ours.  If so, maybe if Doug asks politely, Kim might be
willing to fly back to the states and join us in some fall races.  I'll work on getting his
email address.

Folks have asked me to post other photos of the ABC European tour onto the web site.  Hope
to do that this weekend.  But felt I had to get the attached shot out asap.

So far I have two explanations for how an ABC jersey ended up in the Fassa Bortolo team time trial:

From the inestimatable Doug Mitchell:
This is the way it happened.   Hincapie was handing out business cards before the start of the stage,  because he never knows if this bike racing lark will amount to anything, Kim says he is interested,  George says " I just happen to have a sample right here. Only one left, it is from a top masters team in NJ",  Kim says, "Cool I think I will wear it for the TTT,  then I will look like Rich Bradley".   Nuff said !! 

From the usually honorable Rich Bradley (host of the Belgian "Church and Museum Tour Company"):

That's me!  They dropped a guy and I filled in without them realizing it.

> Was going over the pictures I took while in France, and I discovered what appeared to be an
> ABC Jersey riding with Fassa Bortolo in their TTT.  (See attached photo.)
> I first suspected that Tito had somehow escaped US borders again and surreptitiously snuck
> onto the top Italian TdF team.   But I realized that if he'd done that, he'd at least be
> smart enough not to wear his ABC jersey.
> My latest theory is that this is really Kim Kirchen - Luxembourg national champ.  Their
> national jersey kind of looks like ours.  If so, maybe if Doug asks politely, Kim might be
> willing to fly back to the states and join us in some fall races.  I'll work on getting his
> email address.

June 21 abc results Look at our web site for race results I was able to find on the web.

A couple of noteworthy results:

  • Congrats to John Smertneck for his first cycling top 10 finish:  Branch Brook (6/6); Smertneck - 10th, cat 5
  • Congrats to Steve Shell and Tom Rizzo for surviving another Longest Day.
  • The NJ Masters road race results are noteworthy for one thing.  Rich Bradley's first state championship!  Congrats, Rich!  But what was more impressive was that Tito actually said that Rich deserved the win!  Tito said he was on Rich's wheel up the last hill and he figured Rich would fade just before the finish line at the top.  But ... to Tito's surprise, he didn't, and Rich foiled Tito from adding to his collection of state championships.
NJ Masters RR (6/22)

- Bradley   1st, 65+

- Bastianelli  2nd, 65+

- Mack  9th 55+

- Mitchell  10th, 55+

Somebody forwarded me an article by folks at that could help your training.   Their 6/10 news article identified the four major cycling food groups and a cyclists diet for them:
Round:  nuts, donuts, bagels
Tubular:  bananas, burritos
Square:  crackers
Gooey:  pastries and cake
May 4 Thanks  

Still having web site problems.   But I drove down to Manasquan last night and worked with them to at least get our results up.  Stay tuned for photos.  Bob Y took some really excellent shots this year.

Here is a forwarded message from the honorable Doug Mitchell (who is a distant relation to the somewhat-honorable Doug Mitchell that you know as our club president):  

Every person who showed up to help last Sunday at the Tour of Colts Neck was a link in the chain which made the day a success. 

I would like to thank you all individually and I am sure to leave someone out , but here goes!  Joyce Allison, Fran Demola, Anne Salzano, special guest Lulu Weschler and Rich Ferreri who made registration run like clockwork.   Rich even had time to run home to plant some shrubs and thatch the lawn!  Paul Casale, Bryan Katz, Egon Glass, Steve Gerard, Steve Shell, John Hunt, Bob Varca, Rich Clayton, Bob Carlin, Dan Sharkey, new guy John Smertneck, Bill Borghard from the Riptide team who came to help and supplied signs, Gaspar Giordano for the tent, Rich Bradley for the very special tents at registration, Chuck Allison, Doug Maimone for the judges platform, the ever popular Gene Festa, Bob Yellen the famous race photographer, Wally Tunison from The Hub Bike Shop in Marlboro and steadfast and true Nick Marino looking great as always. If I have missed anyone I apologize.  Also my wife Kathie who puts up with the mess I make. 

We were there from 6AM until 3PM working hard to put on a good race. We were once again fortunate to have fine weather,  We saw a passing shower at around halfway and that was all.  George MacCary and John Martin, our motorcycle referees, were brilliant as always. The Sherriffs department supplied a lead car unit (at a cost),  he was indespensible in controlling oncoming traffic throughout the day. Our USCF officials were some of the best in the country.  Chief referee Paula Grill was working The Tour of Georgia last week and rubbing shoulders with the likes of Lance Armstrong, Mario Cippolini and Bobby Julich. Soon we may do it all again at Keyport !!  Thanks again to one and all.   Time for a bike ride !!  Doug.

Doug forgot to mention that we tried our damndest to get Holmdel Township to patch the road.   We spoke with them several times last week.  While they did do a lot of work, they never quite got it all done, even though we were re-assured that everything was in control.  But ... nope.  Didn't happen.  So he went over there on Saturday, and he put down patching for the worst spots.
April 28 ABC News
Tour of Colts Neck is Sunday May 2. Be there by 6:30 if you want to marshall.  7am at the latest.  Doug and I cooperated on getting Holmdel to patch longbridge road.  It wasn't not done yet (Wednesday morning), but they claim it'll be done by thursday.  Stay tuned.  Our race was listed in the latest velo news.  Just a one liner along with Doug's phone number.  ("For a good time, call").  Not sure what the impact will be.

From Doug on April 17:  As you all probably know by now May 2nd is the date of our Tour of Colts Neck bike race. We have not seen much of each other lately, mostly because of the weather.  Hopefully we will recognize our fellow club members when we get together next time and I can tell you all about my 6 weeks in Florida riding in the warm sunny weather :)....or not.  On a serious note, we need all the help we can get on May 2nd.  As always we will need people to work registration, marshal at corners and intersections, drivers for following vehicle and wheel vehicle, (Cat 3 race only), a gofer and any other good people we can convince that race helper is the next best thing to winning The Tour of NJ.  Let Doug Mitchell or any club officer know if you will be available on race day.

My Message to club on March 4:  The allenwood ride on Sunday moves to 8am in May (beginning May 9).

Last Sunday some folks were whining about that late winter start time - ten a.m. for December through February.   So whaddya' think?  If you'd like to see it changed to 9am (so we'd start at 9 from October-April and 8 from May-September) ... pass the word to Doug.     Hmmm... I'm wondering if everyone's allowed to have a vote on this.  Maybe it should just be that hardcore group of about 10 folks who show up in winter.   Or should it also include those cycling wimps who hibernate until the temperature climbs above 32.   Hey - if you have an opinion on this, why don't you also let Doug know.    And while you're at it, if you think that the sizes on the new duds are wacky, pass the word to Doug.   I'd like to encourage improved communication to our executive leader.  So if you have any other complaints, make sure to call or write him.  Hate the cold weather?  Call Doug.  Too many pot-holes?  Send him an email.   Taxes too high, call Doug for a sympathetic ear.   Some of you may think that I'm asking you to bombard him with calls and email just because I'm jealous that he's spending half of the winter soaking up sunshine down in the warmer climates.  Not true.  How un-kind of you to think that

March 4 ABC News  
The Allenwood ride moves to 9am this Sunday, and it stays at 9am through April.  We switch to 9am in May.
Last Sunday some folks were whining about that late winter start time - ten a.m. for December through February.   So whaddya' think?  If you'd like to see it changed to 9am (so we'd start at 9 from October-April and 8 from May-September) ... pass the word to Doug.     Hmmm... I'm wondering if everyone's allowed to have a vote on this.  Maybe it should just be that hardcore group of about 10 folks who show up in winter.   Or should it also include those cycling wimps who hibernate until the temperature climbs above 32.   Hey - if you have an opinion on this, why don't you also let Doug know.    And while you're at it, if you think that the sizes on the new duds are wacky, pass the word to Doug.   I'd like to encourage improved communication to our executive leader.  So if you have any other complaints, make sure to call or write him.  Hate the cold weather?  Call Doug.  Too many pot-holes?  Send him an email.   Taxes too high, call Doug for a sympathetic ear.   Some of you may think that I'm asking you to bombard him with calls and email just because I'm jealous that he's spending half of the winter soaking up sunshine down in the warmer climates.  Not true.  How un-kind of you to think that.
Since we'll be involved with two races this year  - The Tour of Colts Neck and the new Keyport race - some folks think we should invest in a communications device - walkie talkies or whatever.  It would just make running the events a bit easier.   Thoughts?
Rides and Calendar:
- Tour of Colts Neck is Sunday, May 2.  Please reserve the time to help.  We need all spare hands.
- Carlin is leading a 1pm Wednesday ride out of Lucent in Holmdel.  Winter Spinning.
- Central Jersey Bike Club has their Farmlands tour out of brookdale on Saturday May 1.
January 31 ABC News  Come out of hibernation and see your sweethearts at the Feb 11 Pizza Party.  7PM at Brothers' Pizza restaurant in Red bank.   We're going to be joined by the FPS crowd too. Doug will have the new clothing available that evening.  He hopes to recover enough of our costs ... to "sell enough to pay the bill".   

Tour of Colts Neck is Sunday, May 2.   Club members must either show up and marshal, or they will be humiliated with friendly verbal abuse from club officers.  (Not really, but it sure is fun tom think about those ossifers ganging up on folks.  Especially late in the evening at the Pizza party after a few kegs.)

Planning for the racing season?   Here's the NJBA schedule:

And here's some info on other races in the northeast: 

Web Surfer's Corner

Those of you anxious to hog down tons of pizza, don't fret.  Gain s much weight as you want, but ride a lighter bike!  Yep.  No lipo for you.   No need to diet.  Forget that training.  Here's a bike that's probably half the weight of yours:

And if that doesn't work, you can splurge on some dehydrated water:



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