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Race Results
99 Tour of Colts Neck


These are the results of Tour of Colts Neck. Held May 9th 1999. Promoted by The Atlantic Bicycle Club and The Colts Neck Recreation Department. Challenging 4 mile loop on country roads in Monmouth County New Jersey.


CAT 3  

1st. Peter O'Mara. 3D. Little SiIver  NJ.
2nd, Jim Moffett. BCRC.  Churchville PA.
3rd. Dave Tomasso. Pro Pedals. Woodstown NJ.
4th. Szymon Niemotko. Somerset Whlmn. Trenton. NJ
5th. Dave Palese. Tri State, Emmaus. PA.
6th. Rob Ryan. HVC. Ringos.  NJ.
7th. Dave Whitney. Somerset  Whlm. Greenbrook NJ.
8th. Mike Lanza. Tri State Velo. Hunting Valley  PA.
9th. Ken Gilliland. Somerset Whlm. jamesburg. NJ
10th. Dave Buegler. Flying Tigers. Ledgewood NJ.
11th. Kevin Duddy. HVC. Trenton. NJ
12th. Ken Drake. ABC. Flemington NJ.

CAT 4  

1st. Wade Hess. Team Express. Oceanview. NJ
2nd. Geraldo Martinez. CRC. Fort Lee. NJ
3rd. Bill Wyckoff. Ridge Rider. White House Stn.  NJ
4th. Ray Smith. Montclair. Montclair NJ.
5th. Mike Giraud, 3D. Toms River. NJ.

CAT 5 

1st. Dave Sidote. HP Hermes. Highland Pk. NJ
2nd. Jeff Olszyk. CRC. Zaraphath. NJ
3rd. Pat Brown. 3D. Cliffwood. NJ
4th. John Pealson. Unattached. Crosswicks NJ.
5th. Wasyel Danysh. Montclair. Bridgewater NJ


1st. Amy Biassuci. Montclair. Maplewood NJ
2nd. Rhea Grill. Montclair. Maplewood NJ
3rd. Elizabeth Varnai. Somerset Whm. Millington  NJ
4th. Audry Wendolowski. Pro Pedals.  Allentown NJ
5th. Toni Germanotta. CRCA.  NY. NY
6th. Patti O'brien. CRCA. NY. NY
7th. Dottie Saling. Somerset  Whlm. Bridgewater. NJ
8th. Michele Levasseur. Somerset Whlm. Ramsey NJ

Junior Men   

1st. Guillaume Nelessen.  CRCA. Princeton. NJ
2nd. Greg Dixon. Jaeger. Medford. NJ
3rd. Chris Manbelli. Unatt. Old Bridge NJ
4th. Jacob Unger. ABC. West Allenhurst. NJ
5th. Ben Rubenstein. ABC. Ocean NJ.

Masters 45+  

1st. Mike McManus. GS Park Ridge. Rutherford NJ.
2nd. Bob O'hara. Tri State. Parsippany. NJ
3rd. Neil Sauerwein. Jaeger. Ogdensburg. NJ
4th. Les Lunas. Flying Tigers. Eatontown NJ.
5th. Joe Bielecki. Montclair. Clifton NJ

Masters 55+  

1st. Joe Saling. Somerset  Whlm. Bridgewater. NJ
2nd. John Auer. Somerset Whlm. Denville  NJ.
3rd. John Autore. Montclair. Wayne  NJ.
4th. Mike Brent, Somerset. Whlm. Hopewell.  NJ
5th. Paul Miraglia. Jaeger. Medford  NJ.

Novice Juniors  

1st. Justin Blasen.  Lincroft.
2nd. Robert Angevine. Belleville .
3rd. Josh Long. Shrewsbury.
4th. Guarino Gennaro. Belleville
5th. Gerald Venezia. Belleville.




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