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Sunday ABC Rides:    Rides depart from the Allenwood School in Wall.  Click here for directions to Allenwood School (the school is on the corner of Allenwood-Lakewood Road and Atlantic Ave in Wall).
Click below for route maps:

Allenwood - Assunpink - Clarksburg and back 

Ride Times:

9 am:  September - May

8 am:  June - August

As always the Sunday ride is a hot topic with club members.  In order to keep the rides safe we have to enforce a few rules: 
We require that everyone riding with the group NOT use tri-bars or aero-bars. They are inherently dangerous and should not be used in group rides on the open road.  Tri-bars do not allow a rider to access the brakes quickly in an emergency when used in the tuck position.   Leeway will be given to anyone who did not know of the rule before hand, but they must remove them before coming on the next ride.  If a person has to use the bars to help them ride faster then may we suggest a little extra training instead!
Another thing that we see too much of on a ride is the habit that some people have of calling out last in line when others are drifting to the back of the group.  This is a potentially dangerous move as there may still be another rider back there.  This could cause a rider to move over without realizing that someone is already there.  So get used to looking to see if any one is in your space before you move back in.  Be aware of your place in line at all times, keep an eye out for others, and stay alert! 

We try to make our Sunday rides enjoyable for everyone who attends.  Our aim is to be as smooth, safe and efficient as possible.  Remember that on every ride we are all responsible for the safety of our fellow riders.  When leading at the front be sure to call out any road hazards such as potholes or debris in the road or dead animals with their guts all over the place stinking to high heaven, or  Harley riders, etc. etc , anyway you get the idea!   If we use some common sense, we can all benefit from our club rides. 

Saturday:   No ride currently scheduled.
Wednesday:9:00 am ride leaving from Patriots Park in Jackson on Bowman Road.  (This ride  leaves from the Manasquan Reservoir in the winter.)
Friday:9:00 am ride leaving from Manasquan Reservoir main visitor center.
Other Rides...
Informal pick-up rides are always going on at various times.  These are not club sponsored events. If you ask around the pace line, someone is bound to know specifics. A Webpage with details of some of the Monmouth County independent rides, including the rides below, is:
Summertime Tuesday Night from Holmdel Park  (Patrick McMillan)
Summertime Tuesday Night from Dorbrook Park  (Dom Presa Rich Prata)
Summertime Thursday Night from Holmdel Park (Chuck Allison)
Saturday and Sunday Morning  A+ ride from Holmdel Park (coltsneckride Yahoo group)
Saturday morning ( Chuck Allison ) and Sunday morning (Rich Lesser) from Dorbrook Park 

 Local Charity Rides:

    • Ride for Ronald McDonald House- Sunday October 7, 2012,  15-100 mile routes, Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch NJ  BROCHURE     FLYER

    • Bike MS - Saturday & Sunday Yearly Every May,  25 - 170 mile routes, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ

    • Ride For Autism - Yearly in Early June,  10 - 100 mile routes, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.


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